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How to Balance Your Crown Chakra and Align with Your True Life Path

Our chakra systems are very important, especially with regard to how we evolve in this world. If your chakra system is disrupted, your functions will usually not be as they should be and you will suffer.

One of the most important chakras is our crown chakra and this chakra, in particular, will be the one we focus on for this article. The crown chakra is our seventh chakra and it is a chakra driven by consciousness. This is what drives us to be more in touch with the world around us as well as with the universe itself.

The seventh chakra is located at the top of our head, radiating outward and this is where it gets its name from the crown chakra. By activating and working with this chakra, we can transcend our own limits and align ourselves more closely with our most true forms. That said, it’s not the easiest chakra to use, and finding clarity is a serious task.

If you want to grow in life and adapt to the path you are supposed to take, you must make sure that your seventh chakra is well balanced so that you can enter the unknown and actually meet the portal of all that is coming.

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When our crown chakra is balanced, we become fairly intuitive and more inclined to see the world as it is rather than the way we might wish. In order to balance this chakra, you must apply several different techniques or ways of improvement.

Below, we will review the best meditation technique we have found to really work on releasing the energies associated with this chakra. While this may not be the only thing you end up doing to move you forward, it will be a big part of how your energies change. The more you relax during this meditation session, the more you will find yourself.

Balancing Meditation of the Crown Chakra:



Step 1:

Sit on a cushion or just on the floor. Make sure you are comfortable and able to breathe freely. Give yourself a few minutes to simply meditate and release your own mind, let the thoughts come in and come out just as quickly and get ready for the upcoming session.



Step 2:

Once completely relaxed and in a place where you feel safe, ask your inner being to guide you throughout life and reach outward, as if you were ready to embark on the journey to be continued.

Encourage your mind and soul to align with the universe. Using your mind, imagine that your energies move in your body to your crown. Allow this energy to flow freely and stay present at the top of your head.



Step 3:

Do it for at least ten minutes and several times a day. Once you master the situation, everything will naturally take place. You can add items such as healing crystals or specific colors to the mix, but remember to make sure they work well with the crown chakra.




Although this technique may seem like a lot, inviting the balance you are looking to establish is all you really need to do to allow yourself to open properly.

As your crown chakra becomes more and more balanced, you become more and more aware of it. You will be much happier overall and more able to see the bright side of things. Life will have a deeper meaning for you and will allow you to reach a higher level of consciousness as a whole.

Your crown chakra is very important and you have to take care of it. It is something that can bring together the physical self and the cosmic heart.


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