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How to Create a Long-Distance Spiritual Link

Long before iPhones and FaceTime, people always found a way to connect with loved ones. And they weren’t even the traditional post or bird messengers.

This method goes back as far in time as our own existence and is known as spiritual connection.

And it still exists now. Two people who are really close find a way to stay connected even if they are separated by long-distance or technology. You must have missed someone and received a text from them within the next second.

The good news is that you can strengthen this connection and send more than just short messages to your loved ones. In fact, you can even have whole conversations with them. Here’s how:



1. Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable.

2. Start by breathing deeply. Start with a minimum of 10 breaths.

3. Now try to form an image of the person you want to connect with. The more precise you are in your imagination, the more precise the connection will be. You can try to focus on their physical characteristics.

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4. Before connecting with a person, you must ask their permission. Let them know you have good intentions and wait for their permission.

5. Now focus on your inner feelings. If you experience negative feelings or obstructions, it means the person is not ready to contact you. Don’t push him. You can try another time.

6. However, if you feel something blooming or opening up in you, it means that you have the consent of the other person.

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7. Now that the connection is open, you can easily communicate with them in your thoughts. When you finish, you can end the session with any form of farewell that you prefer.

It is advisable to only try to connect with people with whom you are friendly terms in the physical realm before trying to get closer to their higher self.



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