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How to Do Candle Meditation to Enhance the Power of the Third Eye

There are several ways to meditate and candle meditation is one of the best techniques to increase one’s ability to concentrate, strengthen the third eye and work on one’s natural psychic abilities.

Candle meditation can also be a practice for those who want to meditate with their eyes open.

This method is a type of meditation called Tratak, which consists of fixing a small object without blinking.

Here is how the meditation of the candle develops, the meaning of the colors of the candle you choose and the spiritual and physical benefits:



Candle meditation: Which candle to choose?

As for the candle, it is recommended to buy a beeswax candle because it is free of toxins and will also burn longer than most paraffin candles.

You can choose a candle color for this meditation that reflects the purpose and intention for which you are meditating.

You can choose candles that have the color representative of a specific goal in a metaphysical sense. Color is also useful if you want to harmonize a specific chakra.

Here are the colors and their representations:

  • White for clarity.
  • Red for courage, security, and root chakra.
  • Orange for happiness, sexuality, creativity, and sacral chakra.
  • Yellow for self-esteem, willpower, and solar plexus chakra.
  • Green for healing, hope, and heart chakra.
  • Blue for communication, self-expression, relaxation, and throat chakra.
  • Indigo for intuition, wisdom, clarity, and third eye chakra.
  • Violet for spiritual development and connection, and the crown chakra.
  • Rose for love.
  • Silver for subconscious access to the mind and personal transformation.
  • Gold for prosperity and abundance.

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How to do candle meditation:

How to do candle meditation

1. After choosing the candle you want to work with, choose a quiet, dim and safe place where you will not have distractions.

2. Make sure you are comfortable with the clothing you wear at room temperature.

3. Find a comfortable sitting position and place the candle in front of you at eye level about one meter away. You can place it on a table or stand.

4. Light the beeswax candle.

5. Close your eyes for just a minute and take a few deep breaths.

6. Open your eyes and bring all your attention to the candle flame.

7. Try not to blink and try not to look elsewhere. To make it easier, slightly open your eyes. If you need to look away, close your eyes, then open them again and continue.

8. Breathe slowly as you gently watch the flame. Stay aware of your thoughts, but don’t dwell on them and let them pass quickly. You can choose to visualize the candlelight as the pure light of love that burns away any negativity from your life.

9. Keep your attention only on the flame until you feel that the candle observation meditation is complete: 10 to 15 minutes is a good time for this meditation.

10. Finally, slowly change the point of attention to notice the room you are in and take some deep moments to root yourself into reality.

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Benefits of candle meditation:

This meditation brings spiritual, mental and physical benefits.

Spiritual benefits:

  • Strong clairvoyance.
  • Stronger intuition.
  • Strengthens the third eye.

Physical benefits:

  • Improve your eyesight.
  • Increased energy.
  • Balances the nervous system.
  • Helps against insomnia.

Mental benefits:

  • Better concentration and productivity.
  • Sharper mind and concentration.
  • Relieves depression, anxiety, and stress.
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