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How to Know if You Are in a Spiritual Relationship

To find out if you are in a spiritual relationship and understand how to cultivate it in ways that bring more unity and union in terms of connecting with your partner, you must first understand what such a relationship is.



What is a Spiritual Relationship?

Quite simply, it is a relationship that is conducive to the growth of the individuals concerned.  It is a relationship where honesty and growth are a priority over giving pleasure to one another. Everyone – no matter who you are – will end up being frustrated with each other in a tight environment for a long time. It’s almost impossible otherwise, it’s inevitable, and all the better! The magic comes when these people stand together, shoulder each other and repair the broken pots, listen to each other, and create an even deeper connection than they were before.

The connection that deepens more and more, and that develops so that each individual grows both individually and together.. gives birth to a creative relationship!  But beyond that… Spiritual relationships are based on feelings, how you feel in the presence of the other, and the connection you share together is simply radiant and conscious. You begin to know what the other person thinks and feels, and this allows deeper communication to take place as you communicate on a frequency that is beyond words. This communication is mental, emotional and full of knowledge.

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How to know if you are in a Spiritual Relationship:

I invite you to watch this video. It is simply beautiful, it represents a testimony of what a person is capable of creating when she is overwhelmed with passion in what she likes to do, and with whom she likes to do it.

One last thing… this detail may be a clue to those of us who have a presentiment right now of not being in a complete relationship.

What you are experiencing right now is perfect, beautiful, and can become anything you want it to be. It just takes a little effort, a little communication, and an irreverence of love!

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