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How to Protect Your Mind and Soul from Psychic Attacks like Jealousy

Do you know what a psychic attack is?

It is a negative energy attack that could do you a lot of harm without you realizing it.

The person sends you negative emotions to hurt you, unconsciously.

Depending on the intensity of the psychic attack, you may be affected mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The most common form of psychic attack is jealousy. The person who is jealous is trying to hurt you and will have a profound impact on you, even emotionally.

Some know when they are jealous. They are deliberately trying to hurt you. People can be jealous for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You are better than them in some areas
  • You advance in life, while they stagnate
  • You have a more attractive physique, a better career, etc.
  • They do not trust themselves
  • It is their own weakness that they neglect

When you suffer a psychic attack, various symptoms can warn you and protect you.

For example, you start having nightmares, you feel constantly sad for no reason. Pains become an integral part of your life, you always lack energy even to perform your daily tasks, you start to doubt yourself, etc.

It is important to protect yourself from psychic attacks as they can harm your life.

Here are some tips that might help you:



Identify the responsible person:

This person will try to physically attack you, especially with the words. Try to tell the difference between honest and wrong people around you.

A person who is jealous of you will be happy to see you depressed and discouraged and you will notice this even from his expressions.

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Stay positive:

You are not like this person, do not forget it. Jealousy is like a burning fire that hurts the person’s heart.

If a person is jealous of you, the best thing to do is to stay positive. Do not fight the fire, because you will burn yourself.



Send positive energy:

Jealousy is a form of weakness. In a psychic attack, you are a more formidable and powerful opponent.

So, instead of sending negative energy to the person who is attacking you, try to send positive energies as love and compassion that could change it spiritually.



Stay strong:

It is extremely important to stay strong and positive when you have a psychic attack. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

Protect your mind and soul by practicing different spiritual activities, such as meditation, walking, yoga, etc. The person who is trying to hurt you could be anyone around you, identify it and defend yourself.

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  1. Marcelle Rose

    I am constantly depleted at the moment. I sense the majority of the people who become aware of my psychic gifts these days are sending me resentment when I refuse to do what they want, they are sending me bad vibes because they want me to perform magic and turn their lives around for them but they don’t want to do the work for themselves. They seem to think I should use my gift solely to make sure they get what they want out of life. Please advise me. I seem to be a target. I don’t seem to meet people who are interested in me as a person but only what I can provide for them.

  2. Diehl

    @ Marcelle Rose, try wearing jewelry (pendant, bracelets, rings) with crystals that protect you at the psychic level. You cold use Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Amethyst &/or Black Tourmaline. Amethyst is very common & empaths like myself love Black Tourmaline. ??

  3. Diehl

    I keep thinking of things to help you after I right these messages haha. Try meditating everyday to raise your vibration & avoid these low vibration people. Also tell yourself everyday that you will only be surrounded by positive, high vibration individuals & the universe will respond accordingly ?

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