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How to Reach Peace of Mind and Find Balance, According to Your Zodiac Sign

For thousands of years, man has turned to the stars for advice and knowledge. Astrology dates back to 2000 BC and has been carefully studied by the ancient Indians, Mayans, Greeks, Chinese, and Arabs independently of each other. Not only that, but astrology has been used as a means of studying human personality and motivation, as in the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung.

As above, so below. As within, so without.
~ Hermes Trismegistus, Circa 3000 BC

Through observation and analysis, it was discovered that there were correlations between the movement of celestial bodies and life here on earth. Over time, twelve distinct types of astrological personalities have evolved.

Nowadays, many people have opposite opinions on astrology. While some skeptics view it as pseudoscience and wishful thinking, others swear by astrology, raising strong arguments for it. According to astrology, contentment and peace of mind can be found depending on the characteristics of your personality.

Below are the twelve different personality types of astrology, a brief description, and five main recommendations to help you find harmony. Let’s go:




Aries is a passionate, dynamic, and confident person by nature, however, you tend to have a short temper and a tendency to be impulsive.

To find the balance:

  • Keep a work-life balance: be sure to allow time for relaxation if necessary
  • Create more efficiency in your professional life and eliminate foreign tasks
  • Channel your energy through high impact workouts like running or kickboxing
  • Balance your physical activities with soothing activities like cooking, reading or gardening
  • Try non-violent communication strategies if anger is a problem





Taurus is a reliable, warm, and determined person, however, you can sometimes be inflexible, resentful, and possessive.

To find the balance:

  • Learn to consider the viability of others’ points of view to avoid stubbornness
  • Immerse yourself in nature when you feel stuck
  • Be aware of how your actions influence others
  • Try mantras or meditation to let go of your recurring thoughts
  • Explore the world of aromatherapy fragrances and healing





Gemini is an intelligent, versatile, and lively person, but on the other hand, you can also be tense, cunning, and inconsistent.

To find the balance:

  • Be aware of the workaholic: are you working yourself too much?
  • Eat a balanced diet and avoid skipping meals
  • Learn to relax your nerves, perhaps with an herbal tonic or a hot bath
  • To rest, explore different visualization techniques
  • Learn to breathe deeply every day





Cancer is a caring, intuitive, and protective soul, but you tend to fight mood swings, tenderness, and the inability to let go.

To find the balance:

  • Remember to feed yourself and take care of your own needs, it’s not selfish, it’s vital to your well-being
  • Try grounding exercises such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, or qigong
  • Learn to slow down and go at your own pace
  • Explore defining boundaries and learning assertiveness techniques
  • Learn to consciously surrender to whatever is not useful to you

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Leo is a courageous, creative, and loyal person, however, you tend to have a hard time being bossy, fair, and intolerant.

To find the balance:

  • Develop your listening skills to allow others to shine
  • Use affirmations and NLP to allow your self-esteem to flow from the inside rather than the outside
  • Spend time each day spending time alone doing something you enjoy
  • Avoid spicy and fatty foods that weigh you down and unbalance your energy
  • Drink lots of regeneration water





Virgo is an analytical, practical, and diligent person, but you can also be a perfectionist, too critical, and meticulous.

To find the balance:

  • Give up the routine and allow yourself to be spontaneous from time to time
  • Be forgiving, both of yourself and of others
  • Get out of your mind and get into your body; you may like to explore hiking, dancing, and trampoline
  • Become aware of your autonomy: are you too critical? Learn to replace all negativity with acceptance
  • Make sleep a priority, get some rest!





Libra is an easy-going person, romantic and idealistic, but you can sometimes be gullible, too forgiving, and indecisive.

To find the balance:

  • Create to-do lists to help you stay organized and avoid stress
  • When making important decisions, list all of the “pros” and “cons”
  • Open an outlet to express your emotions such as music, painting, yoga or other forms of catharsis
  • Learn to move away when a situation is beyond your control
  • Give yourself indulgence but don’t forget to practice moderation





Scorpio is a passionate, intuitive, and magnetic person, but you also tend to be jealous, resentful, and obsessive.

To find the balance:

  • Practice calming techniques whenever you feel stressed, e.g. to breathe deeply, to visualize, to be attentive
  • Call “time out” when a situation becomes too overwhelming
  • Try hydrotherapy (spa or bath) to soothe your body and mind
  • Forgive others of their wrongdoings to not hold grudges
  • Practice big picture thinking so you don’t get lost in the details

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Sagittarius is honest, cheerful, and philosophical, but you also tend to be blindly optimistic, irresponsible, and restless.

To find the balance:

  • Use sport as an energetic outlet, find the one you love
  • Learn to balance optimism and realism
  • Examine your life: in what areas do you feel trapped?
  • Work to consciously feel your emotions, good and bad, so they don’t consume you
  • Also, learn to find joy in little things





Capricorn is a humorous, practical, and disciplined person, but you can sometimes confide to be stingy, fatalistic, and pessimistic.

To find the balance:

  • Drop toxic connections and surround yourself with dynamic people
  • Remember your values and dreams when you make decisions
  • How does your self-talk affect you? If negative, work to promote good self-esteem
  • Allow yourself to relax with mind and body-based practices such as tai chi and yoga
  • Remember that happiness is a choice, not a given





Aquarius is inventive, free-spirited, and friendly, but you can also be unpredictable, emotionally distant, and argumentative.

To find the balance:

  • Give yourself permission to be your authentic self
  • Plan regular activities that allow you to escape and honor your free spirit
  • Learn to value vulnerability and the fact that it makes you stronger
  • Enjoy being individualistic, but avoid being ostracized
  • Practice awareness of the present moment





Pisces are sensitive, compassionate, and imaginative, but you also tend to be secretive, weak in will, and vague.

To find the balance:

  • Learn to recognize what is stressing you out
  • Beware of self-pity and avoid victim-martyr roles
  • Let your romantic spirit run wild, but don’t forget to come back to earth
  • Learn to balance your right and left sides of the brain for more inner stability
  • Allow yourself to develop a good level of skepticism, this will protect you from manipulation


What is your personality sign in astrology and what advice do you have to share to find tranquility and balance? Spread your wisdom below!

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