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How To Stay Connected While Social Distancing, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of almost everyone, and it has not been easy.

Because although most of us are unable to see many of our friends or family members in person at this time, maintaining this connection is even more important.

In fact, the World Health Organization prefers to use the term “physical distancing” instead of “social distancing”, to emphasize the fact that socially, we are always in the same boat – and there are many options to help us. to stay connected socially despite the current circumstances.

But it is true that staying social while distancing yourself socially requires extra effort and creativity – it is no longer as simple as just going to your friend’s house for dinner or enjoying happy hour after work.

Now we have to think of some interesting ways to connect virtually. And if you’re looking for inspiration to stay connected, it might be worth turning to astrology.

Read on to find out how to stay social while distancing yourself, based on your zodiac sign.




Doing quarantine challenges

Your Instagram feed and story cycle are probably full of people who engage in various viral “quarantine challenges” – whether dance challenges or pushups.

As a competitive Aries, you are sure to have fun by participating in the action. Participate in as many people as possible and tag your friends with requests to encourage them to do the same.





Joining virtual book clubs

Cowering in bed with snacks, comfortable blankets, and a Netflix queue is perfect for you, Taurus – why not make a difference by burning through a few good books and connecting with friends?

There are many virtual book clubs that you can join right now. Or if you feel inspired, use your good taste and start your own book club.





Watching memes

Memes seem to bring people together in difficult times. And you are probably a master of it, Gemini. Your lively spirit and lively sense of humor make you the perfect conduit for memes that will bring a smile to the faces of your friends.

So make good use of your memes collection and start sending them out as text conversation starters.





Snail mail

You like to keep things old-fashioned, Cancer, so go completely classic and send love to your friends via good old-fashioned snail mail.

Prepare your cutest stationary and college sticker collection and get creative by writing sweet, personalized notes to all your friends.





Doing lip sync battles/karaoke parties

If Broadway stars can make lip sync videos from their quarantine quarters, well, a Leo certainly can!

You can’t keep all that talent and sparkle inside without a little version, so host a virtual karaoke party or a lip sync battle and let the good times (and Mariah Carey’s solos) roll.





Joining virtual exercise classes

Maintaining a healthy routine is important to you, Virgo, so take your daily dose of fitness by participating in virtual group classes. Many fitness instructors and gyms have moved their sessions to an online format at a lower cost (or sometimes even for free).

You can even have fun via live sessions on Instagram or other platforms for a greater sense of community.





Throwing a Zoom happy hour

You are a social butterfly, Libra, so keeping distance in your social life is probably a foreign concept to you. But you are forced to find a way to bring highly organized social time back into the lives of your friends.

The perfect way to do this? Organize a Zoom happy hour. Choose a date and time and have a good time sipping a drink of choice with friends via the interwebs.





Facetiming or skype calls

It is important to maintain intimate relationships with the people closest to you, Scorpio, so give yourself time face to face and heart to heart with your best friends.

You don’t need anything fancy – just using FaceTime or Skype on your phone or laptop can give you much-needed link time with your inner circle.





Instagram live

You have a great personality, Sagittarius, so don’t hide it from the world just because you’re stuck inside. It seems like everyone is live on Instagram out of boredom and thirst for connection – but you still have something interesting to say. So say it!

Whether it’s showing your dance moves or preparing a meal live, you’re sure to foster connection and let everyone enjoy your joyful energy.





Throwing a Zoom game night

Capricorn, you need to distract yourself from the stress of our current situation and have a good old-fashioned bonding night with your friends.

Keep things a little lighter by hosting a virtual game night. Whether it’s a game everyone has or you choose one that doesn’t require any hardware (truth or dare, if you don’t mind), you and your friends can have a good time and take your mind off things.





Keeping up on Reddit

You tend to be a loner, Aquarius, so you may find yourself better able to adapt to current changes. That said, your curious mind always wants to know more, so stay entertaining and social by connecting with people on Reddit or another online forum that reflects your interests.

Engaging interesting conversations with people who are passionate about the same things as you can boost your morale.





Getting creative

Expressing yourself through art has always been therapeutic, Pisces, so connecting with friends through art is a great way to stay social while stilling your worries.

There are many artistic quarantine challenges that you and your friends can join. Hashtags like #QuarantineArtClub are a great place to start.




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