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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We don’t think anyone appreciates the retrograde periods of Mercury, but like many things, dentist visits, and hour-long Zoom meetings that could have been an email, they’re just part of life.

The retrograde Mercury summer 2020 started on June 18 and it will rage on until July 12, which will give us more than three weeks to deal with its classic mental confusion, communication conflicts, and timing issues.

When Mercury is retrograde, it’s notoriously difficult to get there on time, handle things smoothly, or get your message across without stumbling over your words. But with a little extra awareness, this transit doesn’t have to be stressful.

When planets retrograde in astrology, it usually marks a period of slowing, revising, and revising our current trajectory before moving forward again, which is why we often hit annoying snags and roadblocks if we try to charge forward and continue living as usual.

Retrogrades also have a way of bringing past situations back to the present, sometimes it comes in the form of feelings around old triggered problems, or by meeting people from our past. However, if we view this as a period of review, reassessment, and realignment, we can usually bypass most of the dramas fueled by retrograde, and yes, maybe even use retrograde energy to our advantage.

Retrograde Mercury affects Mercury-governed areas of everyone’s life, but as with all planetary transits, it will hit the chart of each zodiac sign differently. That said, we should all follow slightly different advice when it comes to navigating this three-year cosmic hiccup, so check out the survival trick every zodiac sign needs to get through Mercury retrograde without succumbing to its drama:




Don’t run away from your past, make peace with it. This retrograde is likely to shake your foundations, perhaps even to raise problems from your childhood.

The best course of action? Roll with it. Suppressing these feelings will only fuel a further explosion, so take a deep breath, take care of yourself, and deal with things as you go.





Think before you speak, send an SMS, or hit “send”. Mercury retrogrades are known to cause all kinds of communication errors but you might find yourself particularly prone to misunderstandings in the coming weeks, Taurus.

Choose your words carefully and don’t forget to re-read all your texts and emails (and confirm that you have selected the correct recipient) before pressing send.





Keep your wallet locked and avoid big purchases.

Mercury retrograde makes a special mark on your financial life, Gemini, so it’s best to avoid making big purchases, especially tech items, like phones or laptops because you can change your mind post-retrograde only to realize that the return policy is not what you thought.





Stay flexible and let yourself roll with the waves. The Sun and retrograde Mercury both hit your sign, Cancer, and you might have identity issues because of this.

The best advice? Take things slowly, and if something happens, treat it instead of resisting it.

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Slow down and prioritize quality time with yourself. I know it’s summer, Leo, but during the retrograde, you’ll probably want to hibernate more than party on the beach.

You will feel the most clarity and inspiration when you are alone, so do not fill your social calendar with plans. Rest, keep stress to a minimum, and spend time doing things that nourish your soul.





Say no to the drama, but yes to your dreams and aspirations. Although you will likely experience friction in your group of friends over the next few weeks (whether due to botched plans, poor communications, or the resurgence of past dramas), but instead of getting caught up in the gossip wave, try to focus on your own goals.

You feel reconnected to past hopes, and now is the perfect time to start developing a plan to help you rekindle the spark.





Multiple-check your work at work. During Mercury retrograde, it’s hard to manage a schedule or meet deadlines, and it’s a terrible time to look for a new gig.

That said, try to be discreet at work and be extremely careful when checking things like due dates, meeting times, and emails. It will be easy to miss something or confuse things, so stay on top of your game until the retrograde period is over.





Travel in the astral plane rather than an airplane. You can’t wait to see the world, Scorpio, especially after spending the last few months more locked up than usual.

However, traveling while retrograde Mercury presents a bunch of annoying issues and it is certainly advisable to record all trips until the post-retrograde shadow has dissipated. Instead of traveling, try to explore new cultures by reading books or watching movies.

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Set limits so that your business is not sloppy. It’s easy to say something you don’t want to say during retrograde Mercury, but it’s easier to keep your intentions clear when you have solid (and respected) limits in place.

Focus on maintaining healthy relationships, both intimate and professional, and you will find that you can handle retrograde incidents much more easily.





Avoid major breakups or makeups in relationships. That’s right, Capricorn: breakups (or a romantic rekindling with an ex) that take place during Mercury’s retrograde are less likely to last.

Although you have to follow your heart, you will likely find that you are questioning things in your closest relationships. If possible, wait until after the retrograde to make important or final decisions about your status.





Take a step back and reassess your daily routine. Are your days as productive as possible? Although Mercury is retrograde, the chances of this being true are unlikely.

But it does give you a chance to look at your habits more critically. Focus on cleaning up your schedule and maintaining a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.





Do not launch new passionate projects, but focus your energy on the old and incomplete. You are naturally creative and it is easy to get carried away by a new daydream but during retrograde Mercury, you’d be much better off devoting your energy to an old project which was pushed to the back burner.

You will likely find that you are able to create something much more complex than you would have when you started it.

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