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How to Survive when You Are a Highly Sensitive Person in a World Filled with Chaos

What is a highly sensitive person? Imagine an antenna set to pick up a clear signal. The radio receives the energy frequencies of the atmosphere and translates them into sounds; all of its components have been designed for this purpose and, unless turned off, the system receives and translates these signals continuously.

These people are like the radio; their energy field is always tuned to receive the frequencies of the atmosphere, and the emotional energy is the most powerful signal. This constant barrage of vibratory frequencies can have a profound effect on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state of them. It is therefore essential that these people learn to work with their sensitivity.

These are 6 tips that will help you:



1. Create a ritual every day to protect your energy.

When you are about to start your day, visualize a kind of energy protection around you with the intention of receiving only the right frequencies. It can be a bubble of energy, a white light, an armor, a group of angels or guides, or a field of energetic force. Imagine this shield as having the same power as your seatbelt in the car.




2. Create another ritual to eliminate unwanted energy at the end of the day.

You can wash your hands in a certain way or with some soap, or you can get rid of it. No matter which method you choose, it is the intent that is powerful. So clearly define your intention to release any energy that does not serve you.

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3. Find people who really understand you.

If you are a highly sensitive person and an introvert, you may not have many friends, but it is essential to have a few people in your life who really understand you and love you unconditionally. Cultivate these relationships and ask them for help when you need them. Remember that most people like to help you, so they will be happy to support you if you need it.




4. Your sensitivity is a gift, do not forget it.

This sensitivity helps you connect with others in a deeply empathic way. As you can feel what they feel, you can guess what they need, without them having to tell you.




5. Use your capacity for discernment and choice.

Although you may not be able to completely stop your sensitivity, you can choose where to focus your attention, energy and time. Choose the energy with which you connect and when to take your distance. You never have to bear the drama, the suffering or the dilemmas of others. Trust your intuition to guide you to positive people and situations.

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6. Honor your need to distance yourself and recharge your batteries.

Many highly sensitive people need moments of calm and tranquility to replenish their energy. Be sure to balance the energy you spend, whether it’s social interaction, helping a person overcome their challenges or personal learning, with calm so they do not burnout.

Keep in mind that your brilliant mind has chosen these difficult moments to be incarnated so that your light, your compassion, and your love can be felt by those who need it most so that you can experience great joy and full accomplishment in crossing what challenges you. Know that it is your sensitivity that will help others to better understand themselves.

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