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How Will You Change This Year, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The past years have felt long, stagnant, and beyond frustrating. In 2020, you were faced with a dark and damaging Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a time that brought challenges and restrictions on a global scale.

2021 started off with high hopes as you embraced a few months of flirty and free-flowing Jupiter in Pisces. This magnificent and abundant transit was put on hold once the planet of luck and expansion returned to Aquarius, tempering the excitement.

However, a new year has arrived and it looks like 2022 astrology presents you with a turning point. Get ready for a few changes this year, changes that will encourage each zodiac sign to become a better version of themselves.

2022 begins with Jupiter in Pisces, a transit that will end throughout the year. However, this mystical experience will reach its climax on April 12, when adventurous Jupiter joins forces with spiritual Neptune.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will expand your imagination, encourage compassionate connections, and tap into your creativity. There is a good chance that this conjunction will open your heart and lead to so much romance in the future.

On January 18, just weeks after the start of 2022, the North Node of destiny will leave Gemini and enter Taurus, guiding you into a new way of life. As the North Node evokes change in practical, reliable, and down-to-earth Taurus, you will be encouraged to improve the level of stability of your reality.

Spend the year rebuilding your relationship with your finances, enriching your life with healing pleasures, and deciphering the difference between what you want and what you really need.

By July 30, the North Node will also join forces with electric and innovative Uranus, which could lead to a quick and steep turn into a new future, a turn that everyone will feel (but especially fixed signs).

This change will be centered on embracing your individuality while letting go of the attachments that are holding you back. It’s also about making a concerted effort to break free from questionable patterns that you may be repeating. Here’s how you’ll change this year, depending on your sun and your rising sign:




aries magic ballThis year you are tapping into your spirituality, the part of you that no one else knows. You can even open yourself up to therapy and inner healing as you learn to forgive yourself and move on.

One of the best ways to ensure success in 2022 is your ability to stay grounded and centered. Focus on building something for the long haul.





taurus magic ballYour social circle is growing this year. You can feel guided to do your part and improve the lives of others, especially in your community.

This year it is so important for you to have faith in what the future might look like because you play an important role in what is to come. Embrace who you are meant to be, even if making it means working harder than ever before.





gemini magic ballThis year will be a particularly prolific year for your professional activities. You may even feel guided on a career path that harnesses your creativity, a path that combines your career goals with your need for work that feels spiritually enriching.

However, don’t let setbacks distract you from your ultimate vision. Even if you need to take a break, don’t let it become permanent.





cancer magic ballYou start 2022 with one thirst for more. In fact, this year there are so many new experiences that will broaden your perspective of the world.

You might even discover another philosophy that helps you live your life to the fullest, getting closer to your goal. The people you meet will give you inspiration and working together could even lead to success for everyone involved.

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leo magic ballYou are learning a lot about sacrifice this year. You also learn the natural cycle of beginnings and endings.

If you become too attached to something that is running its course, it makes it harder to appreciate all the opportunities that will present themselves once you let go.

2022 is the year you commit to your future, stepping out of your comfort zone and growing in the process.





virgo magic ballIn 2022, you get closer to others and build partnerships based on hope, creativity, and love. Your ability to connect with another person expands, and this year you are building relationships that extend right to your heart.

You also learn to overcome imperfections and appreciate the bigger picture. Take a holistic view.





libra magic ballThis year, you are reconnecting with your ability to take care of yourself. In 2022, you could be working on improving your dedication to self-care.

Work on developing habits that make you feel good and make you feel energized. However, habits are built over time, and this year it would be smart to make investments that can delay gratification, but also lead to real results.





scorpio magic ballThe ups and downs of 2022 will be deeply felt by you, but the fun memories you are likely to create will be worth it. You may even fall in love with someone new (or deepen your love for your current partner).

However, this romance will also challenge your fears, especially when it comes to your ability to cooperate and engage. This year you are learning to love in a new way.

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sagittarius magic ballThis year is about going back to your roots and healing your relationship with where you come from and the people who raised you.

However, it’s also about laying down your own roots, because your past might be a part of you, but it doesn’t dictate your future. 2022 is the year you learn to take meaningful action towards gradual change rather than just dreaming about it.





capricorn magic ballThe conversations you have this year can shape your whole reality. Embrace the illuminating details that can turn something boring into something poetic.

Even when everything seems hopeless, you will come across gems that inspire you. This year you learn not to let other people’s aspirations take precedence over your own. Set down these burdens, because you need to take care of yourself too.





aquarius magic ballThis year can be extremely beneficial for your finances. You can even experience different luxuries and practicalities that bring you the abundance you desire, but you also see everything you already have in a more appreciative light.

Spend this year embracing the level of maturity you are working towards while reconnecting with what your heart needs in order to feel whole.





pisces magic ballThe possibilities for 2022 are truly endless for you. Tap into self-love, as it will eventually give you confidence and a stronger connection to your spiritual goal.

However, if you let the magic carry you away, you may miss out on opportunities to create magic that lasts. This year you learn to translate your vision into a language others can learn and understand.

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