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How You Reveal Your Dark Side, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes you’re just scary. How dark is your dark side? Our personalities are a combination of light and dark. Some people may be mostly light, while others prefer the darkness of their souls.

The dark side should not be exclusively pessimistic; in fact, you can be a very positive and optimistic person who just has a fascination for the scariest side of life. You can have certain attributes that are generally considered negative.

As interesting as life is, there are so many interesting things about death and destruction. Sometimes we can’t help but watch the accident on the highway or watch a horror movie.

For some people, recognizing the dark side helps them enjoy a softer, more positive life. If your sense of humor tends to be dark, it doesn’t mean you’re scary or morbid – it just means that it’s the kind of humor you like.

Look at the Gothic children: they fully embrace their dark side, but that does not mean that they are necessarily unsuitable or lonely. For many of them, it’s an expression of who they are right now. Besides, is there anything more fun than adopting a look that will annoy your parents?

Now, if you intentionally do nasty things because it makes you excited or if you have no awareness of being hurtful, then you could be a psychopath and that is not good. Not caring about others, breaking the laws and hurting animals is not only a dark side, but it is also 100% evil.

None of us are good, and it helps to know what kind of less pleasant features we can have. The more you know about the dark qualities you have, the better you can accept or change them.

This is how you express your dark side, according to your zodiac sign.




You like to suggest death scenarios in your head. When you’re on the subway, you think about what could happen if something went wrong and it got out of hand.

It is not that you are obsessed with death, it is more that you like to suggest escape plans and what you would do to survive. You never want to be unprepared and caught off guard.





You can become stubborn to the point where you will not give, even if giving in is in your best interest. You want to be so right that you dig your heels until it hurts.

Your bull’s head takes you to a very dark place in your soul and by being intractable, you have damaged relationships, lost loved ones and even compromised your health.





You are a brilliant liar; in fact, you are so good at telling lies that you start to believe them yourself.

Sometimes you tell lies just for the fun of it or to see the kind of reaction you get, while other times you tell outrageous lies to see if you get away with it – surprisingly, you usually do.





When you become possessive, it is as if a whole other side of your personality is revealed. You seem to forget everything to hang on to the person you want to hold on to and it even changes your personality.

You are so focused on “yours” that you forget everything and everyone. You control, suffocate and are incredibly in need.

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You like to imagine your own funeral and you have already planned everything. You hope that wherever it is held, it can accommodate the hundreds of people who want to attend.

There will likely be a huge fight over your grave with at least two of your old boyfriends/girlfriends, and everyone will sob and say such beautiful things about you that you wish you could be there.





Most people, looking at you, would be shocked to know what to fantasize about. You have a sexual curiosity that goes straight to the fetish. Sometimes the thing that makes you hot while you think about them surprises you.

Sure, your imagination can get a little perverse, but the question is how many of these fantasies do you put into practice?





You eat murder stories, especially if they involve serial killers. You like serial books, TV shows, and movies.

If people could see your Netflix history or the videos you watch on YouTube, they might think you’re seriously upset. It’s not that you love blood and guts, it’s the spirit of the killers that you find so fascinating.





You have the stalker gene. If you’re obsessed with someone, you regularly visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. If your crush, current or ex is in a picture with someone you don’t know, you’re also browsing their page.

You use the information from your obsession’s social media accounts to accidentally meet them voluntarily when they grab a beer after work or at the gym.

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When you get vengeful, it brings out the darker aspects of your personality. You have a knack for blowing a slight intentional or involuntary out of proportion measure into a full-fledged grudge.

You will cling to this slight perception, becoming angrier. You will finally confront the person and make him make amends, even if he has no idea what he did to you.





Your dark side is expressed by the pessimistic and fatalistic parts of your personality. You don’t think you are negative when you expect things to go wrong, you are just practical and realistic.

It is not that you are always desperate, it is just that sometimes it is easy for you to go for the worst possible result.





When someone loses control of their emotions, one of your simplest defenses is to withdraw and distance yourself. It is disturbing to see how cold you can be when someone is suffering emotionally.

It’s not that you don’t care, you just don’t know what to do and it freaks you out.





You like the combination of romance and death. For you, the perfect love story is when someone dies like Romeo and Juliet and The Fault in Our Stars.

It’s not that you wanted your love to die, but if they wanted to risk death to prove their love for you, you wouldn’t be against it. Death, for you, is true love.

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