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Intuition test: Choose a Card that Will Show You what to Expect from Your Near Future

Here are 6 tarot cards. The backs are all the same, but using your intuition, choose one of the cards that attract you the most. This represents what you can expect from the next few months. Take a deep breath. Do not analyze, simply choose.

Which card is calling you? You may hear a number or one of the cards may look different. You might just have a hunch. Follow your intuition because the message is for you.


If you have chosen #1

Pleasure of the senses, satisfaction, and realization of the wish, success, future assured wealth and health.

You will go through a period of great happiness and satisfaction this year. You are in an emotionally strong place and this will be reflected in your energy and your smile. Life is really beautiful now and apparently, everything is going as planned. It’s time to be aware and appreciate all your blessings and the magic of life.

Everything you’ve worked on has paid off and you can sit down now and take all the praise and applause you deserve. People now see you in a different light, and many will envy not only your abilities and skills but also the wonderful inner light that shines in and around you. Your happiness and warmth are also contagious and many will want to ask you about the positive effect you have on them. Others will see you as an inspiration, as someone who has pursued his dream relentlessly, regardless of the setbacks or opinions of others.

You must realize that you have achieved something that a lot, many others want but who have neither the courage nor the determination to pursue it. It is now your moment to shine and you have the right to feel rather satisfied with yourself.

There is a mother/grandmother energy on the other side that guides you this new year. She knows you sacrificed yourself too long and wants you to know that the time has come.



If you have chosen #2

THEREDESExploration, search for unexplored and expanding horizons, consider a long-term vision, direct and travel.

There is a momentum of construction as things begin to arrive at a fast and hectic pace. You can not help being swept away by this frenetic wave of positive activities.

This card brings success and good luck when it comes to reading. You must feel overwhelmed with self-confidence. You are sure of what you are doing. You can feel excited about a project or company you are working on while your creativity is unfettered. Life may have been a little stagnant, but you’re about to feel energetic and excited for the next 6 months.

This year, you may need to make several decisions, but they will be a relief to you. Instead of asking you questions and worrying about certain things, plans will be developed and action taken with enthusiasm. You are confident about the future and enthusiastic about your new home and new life. If you have tried to get out of a difficult situation or painful past, this card indicates that you are really going to free yourself and move on. It highlights a moment when you are ready to move on and turn your back on the past.

There is a man energy – father/grandfather who helps you. He would have been a practical/pragmatic man who saw life in a very black/white way, like a genius. It helps you stay in the present so that you do not get trapped in the habits that life can sometimes disrupt.



If you have chosen #3

THE TROLLEYObtain victory, focus intent and will, establish identity, self-confidence, maintain discipline, assume the reins of power and authority.

Your trip may have changed in the last two years with losses and upheavals, and you’ve lost your balance, if not your confidence.

The opportunities are constant for you this year, in all areas of your life. Are you open to them? Business opportunities with financial gain will be offered, but it may be wise to use a financial consultant to help you invest. There is also a creative effort that you must explore. And traveling is important, so be sure to prepare the vehicle.

This card gives you the green light to recharge and take control of your life. Your success depends on your willpower and your ability to maintain control and the courage to progress even in unfamiliar territory. You lead your life in the direction you want, but it takes willingness and motivation to create our own destiny.

There is also a man on the other side who watches over you.



If you have chosen #4

Avoid difficulties, recovery from tribulations, change, discouragement.

You are trying to get away from a stress and disorder situation to heal and regain balance. This is a positive indication that you are slowly moving from rough seas to calmer waters and healing your emotional past. This is the moment to leave a troubled past behind us to move forward in the future. You can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This card asks you to believe that life will support you and bring new enriching experiences. You must find confidence in yourself and a new sense of purpose. This marks a transition period in your life when you move from one state of mind to another.

You may end the year with little energy to complete a task and you may feel deflated and defeated by life. You may find it difficult to function on a daily basis and to feel that you are just living. You have gone through a very difficult time, but do not run away. Remember that while some of the conflicts and tensions in your life may be caused by others, there is a good chance you will be one of your worst enemies.

You are being watched by a younger spirit on the other side, wishing you more love and joy.



If you have chosen #5

Reap the benefits of effort and hard work, a quiet time to think about alternatives and different approaches.

This card is a question of patience, of waiting and sometimes it is a question of moving away from something that does not work instead of forcing it to work. It’s a matter of being suspended and wondering why something you have been following for so long is not yet ready to be harvested.

Although sometimes this card is seen as a warning of disappointment and a long wait, it is better to see it as a period of meditation and contemplation so that decisions are not made from fear. Sometimes we have to step back and look at things from a different angle in order to see clearly.

It is a period of healing and strengthening. This card can, therefore, represent the fear of failure, delays, and frustration. However, the positive aspect is that you are more likely to learn from these failures and evaluate how you can best invest your time to create the most value possible.

To avoid feelings of frustration, be sure to review your progress to date at regular intervals, especially when doing long-term or sustainable work so you can determine what works and what does not work and where you can make adjustments. Be sure to be on the right track to achieve your goals.



If you have chosen #6

Material well-being and refinement, discipline to reach it, by trusting yourself.

You work very hard, but you are ready for a break. You are allowed to give yourself a day off, a massage or whatever you like. Life was not easy, but it did not scare you. In fact, it made you damn hard! You just have to remember that you can not be a superhero all the time. And even the superheroes take a day of rest and relaxation. Yes, this project may be imminent but you do not waste your time.

This card also means that there will be an increase in prosperity in the coming months. The resources for this are all around you, just keep in touch. Remember that you will reap the benefits of prosperity easily and effortlessly if you wish. Discipline and self-control may be needed, as well as asking for help. This can be a consolidation loan, a life coach or just talking to a friend.

Burnout is real and you tend to worry. This prevents the natural flow of prosperity (love, money, health, etc.) from coming to you. It may be beneficial for you to do hypnotherapy, meditation or create a vision that you can continue to assume, reminding you of your self-esteem.

There is a spirit on the other side who may have experienced depression, mental illness or a difficult death. It is he who guides you, reminding you to accept your birthright and stop being punished and offering only suffering. There is a joy to take.

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