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Leap Day, the Spiritual Meaning Behind February 29th 2020

As we know, leap days occur every 4 years, when a year has February 29. Leap days occur because there are several inconsistencies in the Gregorian calendar, and leap days help balance the calendar.

Some people are of the opinion that, as this day occurs once every 4 years, it contains a multitude of spiritual powers, which are extremely important.



Leap Day Spiritual Meaning:

Given the rarity of February 29, we can safely assume that energy vibrations would not be “usual”. The vibrations of the date really help us to take a leap, a leap of faith.

It may be you competing something you’ve been working on for a long time, but you haven’t really had the power to realize it.

Right now, an extra day is useful for getting our things in order, so when you have an extra day on hand, why not take advantage of it? It also causes a form of vibrational impact on the space-time continuum of the Universe.

This is the period when you have to sit down and assess your current state in life. What do you want in the coming days, months and years? Well, when you’ve decided all of that, just send your information out to the open world. Let the Universe hear it and accept it with open arms.

Remember, live in the present. The higher realm has no notion of time – nothing is the future, nothing has ever been the past. There is only the here and now. Everything is just a moment of awareness, and your job is to live in that awareness, not to pursue it for eternity.

There will be an elusive cheese at the end of the treadmill, but you don’t need to get it – you just have to run at your own pace and feel every moment of your life.

Live life, don’t just be part of it.

The leap day of 2020 has the vibration of 8, which symbolizes the infinity of the Universe – we are simply in a chain of rebirth, death, and life. It also means the abundance that the Universe leaves us.

What’s even more astonishing is that the next day also has a vibration of 8. So if you still can’t feel the Universe telling you to take heart and work, you will lose a lot at the end of it. Go ahead and don’t be left behind.




Leap Day Numerology:

It is a master number and represents the awakening of the spirit and spiritual enlightenment. This is important for February 29 because it is an 11 day.

Although you may think that the 29th comes every month, there is something special about this month due to the rarity of the event and the spiritual significance attached to it.

In the field of numerology, number 2 is extremely important because it helps us to pursue the true mission of our soul.

In fact, it helps us understand what our real purpose in life is, due to its innate feminine energy that would never let us keep our ideas hidden and wither away. This energy requires us to explore our options to the fullest.

It is therefore not surprising that the coagulation of the two numbers 2 and 29 translates into a lot of healing energy in our hearts. Besides, the mixture is so powerful that we could also find an important spiritual message coming our way.

All you need to do is keep an open mind and be aware of your surroundings so as not to miss out on knowledge that can prove to be extremely beneficial.


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