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Mars Moves in Scorpio Today, Your Intuition Will Guide You to Success

Mars feels particularly good in Scorpio because this planet shares a strong link with this zodiac sign. In traditional astrology, Mars was considered the secondary governing planet of Scorpio, making it a powerful moment.

Scorpio is asking questions and trying to get to the bottom of things, and it’s an ideal alliance for the planet Mars that will stimulate things.

You will be motivated and tenacious with what you are doing in the coming months. In fact, Mars does not like things to get too easy for people. It likes to challenge people with things and their environment because it reveals our true nature and our objectives.



Mars in Scorpio:

Mars Moves in Scorpio

When Mars is in Scorpio, many things will become exciting for you. It seems that the cosmos gives you carte blanche so that you can work as you please.

You would not care about conflicting opinions and always try to do what you think is right. And if someone tries to stop you, he may feel the full weight of your anger.


You will always be motivated and eager to do things with the time you have.

In addition, you will have no problem immersing yourself in the dark side of things and finally, you will just be impatient to be transformed under the light of the Universe.

In addition, current astrological phenomena will allow us to introspect and bring out something of ourselves.



But there is a small disadvantage:

With the passion of Mars in Scorpio, you could get angry with those who do not want to follow your thoughts.

The only possible way to solve this problem would be to determine how to channel that intensity that you now have positively. Otherwise, you will struggle to cope with the many difficulties of your life without falling into anger and resentment.

The presence of Mars in Scorpio can be thought of as a training camp in which we would use the energy we have been given to explore our full potential.

Remember that this can only happen if you decide to separate yourself from insignificant things like power struggles, grudges, revenge, etc. Only then can you replace them with love, courage, and self-awareness.

Therefore, with the presence of Mars in Scorpio, you will be really encouraged to take action and get something positive from it.


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