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Mercury Moves Into Aquarius, What Effects Will it Have on Your Zodiac Sign?

After just over two weeks in Capricorn, on January 24th, Mercury will pack to transfer to Aquarius, where it will remain until February 10th. In the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, Mercury very fast becomes extremely light: because if logic prevailed in Capricorn, now the imagination wins, the desire to understand how to go beyond the rules and boundaries.


Mercury Moves Into Aquarius, What Effects Will it Have on Your Zodiac Sign?




It definitely improves your way of saying and thinking, especially when you talk to your friends. You also have more desire to think about your future, to imagine paths and answers to grow.



Mercury advises you to behave in a more responsible and less distracted way so as not to make mistakes. At work you will need a lot of attention, you will have to always express your opinion, contributing.



Mercury is now interested in your case (you love the planet madly) so that you enjoy a better personal tone, a mental lightness and practice absolutely special. The future no longer scares you.



Mercury stops being opposed to your sign, something that will make the couple dialogue, or the one with the people who are close to you, easier and more effective. Someone (but not you) needs silence to reflect.



Mercury begins its opposition, a clear and unequivocal signal that recommends prudence in general. With expenses, with words and tests. It is not the time to venture into something too difficult or special.



Now that your planet takes a break, and does not directly address your sign, you can try to relax, to put aside hurry and plans to distract you a little. Remember that he will live in opposition for a long time, you must order.



It becomes much easier and more fun for you to talk, think, imagine. Suddenly you understand that you can make a strong mind that you can understand, that knows how to work.



The quadrature of Mercury suggests you not to rely too much on someone. It is not the time to expect big awards, send your appointment with the requests.



The new and very light (like a meringue) friendship of Mercury, will surely give you a hand to dialogue better with the partner or with the people who work with you. Do not be afraid to say what you think.



Mercury, since the beginning of the year, has helped you understand, think and get help from your mind. Now every thought and project must and can move on to facts, become practical, concrete.



When light and intelligent sign like yours receives the visit of Mercury everything (or almost) becomes possible. Because you will know how to go beyond the usual understanding because everything will be clearer, every reality.



Loves and feelings take a short break. Mercury, from February onwards, will be in your sign for a long period of relationships, take advantage of the next few weeks to relax, to lighten the heart.

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