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Monthly Horoscope September 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign

Many of us are fascinated by the information that our zodiac sign can tell us, whether it’s the most compatible signs or how we handle conflicts in our relationships.

For the month of September, the focus will be on love and relationships through the many planets entering the romantic and partnership-based Libra, as well as the planet Venus itself.

On September 14, the Compassionate and Romantic Full Moon in Pisces will inspire us to open up and release all things that prevent us from reflecting, including outdated convictions and beliefs, which prevents us from loving. Since the Full Moons in Pisces tends to be very emotional, this Moon could provide us with the freedom to leave people, things and situations no longer feeding our souls.

Also on September 14th, Mercury the talkative and Venus the charming will move towards Libra, putting more emphasis on love, balance, and beauty.

On September 18, Saturn’s retrograde cycle in Capricorn will come to an end, which should help us achieve our goals, plans, and commitments.

A few days later, on September 23, we will enter the season of Libra, followed by a New Moon that will take place on September 28th. This New Moon will enable us to develop deeper relationships with others, personally and professionally, to empower others, to redefine our values ​​and to adopt a more healthy relationship philosophy.


Monthly Horoscope September 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign:



1. Aries (March 21st – April 19th):

This month, you could have an emotional release, letting go of the spiritual clutter you have accumulated. One way to do this will be to recognize that you need help and get the care you need. Relying on the support of others will make you strong. Your relationships will bring you love and opportunities.

Cut the bonds that weigh you down, both in private and professional life. Jupiter helps your relationships. Take advantage of this climate to resolve disputes with those around you. Don’t be entrenched in your ideas and keep an open mind to all opportunities. If there are questions to be clarified, do it as soon as possible.

Love: September brings positive energy to those born of the sign. The month is very good for love and you will also have attention for family and friends. Some problems may arise in the middle of the month and must be solved urgently. Towards the second half of the month, the passion will also awaken, love and eroticism will meet and you will live days in perfect harmony with your partner. Singles will be very fascinating and will attract envious glances, but many will be blinded by their glow!

Work: Even if those born of the sign adore new challenges, they may feel a profound sense of fatigue. However, the month of September foresees a recovery of some work matters that will allow you to close the period in style. In fact, Jupiter will be favorable and around the end of the month, those who have decided to take initiatives will be favored. Those who have started new projects will see them grow day by day until they reach the desired goals. You will return to shine and you will find confidence in yourself.




2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

In September, you will be called to be the change you want to see in your community. You will also be encouraged to free yourself from friendships and associations that have become painful. Concentrate on your health and well-being. Be sure to adopt better habits.

You will often want to do too much, manage everything to relieve others and you will end up putting too much pressure on yourself. Your challenge this September will be to not forget yourself.

Love: Love on many occasions will end up in the background, at the moment your priorities are above all study and work. However, there will be important moments for those who are in pairs, in which you will let yourself go in spite of the strongest emotions and without asking too many questions. If you are single, avoid being aloof when you are with others and take courage to step forward and declare yourself with the person you like. Look for a way to impose yourself with kindness, just so you can enjoy the adventures and savor the taste of happiness!

Work: After a decidedly busy and agitated period, you can finally count on a little tranquility and serenity. Even if there are not yet the certainties that you need, fortunately, the excellent aspect of Mars guarantees you great strength and energy. You can undertake projects, face new paths and take advantage of the good luck that accompanies you. However, you will have to pay attention to the envy that will arise at work. Someone will also try to put the sticks in the wheels, so be prepared to fight the challenges that will arise in front of you.




3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Gemini, you could reach a career milestone that will put you at the top or decide to leave your current position for something that you are more passionate about. You will be encouraged to follow your heart and it will also be valid for love and romance.

Love: The month of September is rather agitated for feelings, those born under the sign of Gemini must try to find a compromise to continue being together in a more serene way. However, in the second part of the month it is possible to breathe a new air within the loving relationship. In fact, Venus helps you find more serenity with the person at your side. To seal the agreement you could decide to take a trip to a romantic place. If, on the other hand, you are lonely, then try to capture the attention of a person who is very intrigued. The chances of winning are very high.

Work: the return from the summer break will be difficult to digest, however the second part of the month seems to be interesting for work despite Jupiter being in opposition to your sky. You have to be very careful of all those people who want to offer you opportunities that however hide situations that are not very advantageous for you. Illusions can hurt a lot, so keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and try to think long before you take a job. Around the end of the month there may be small rewards and new money entries.




4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

You could see your name printed this month or have a rewarding experience that could change your view of the world. In the meantime, it’s time to focus on your emotional needs and your home definition. If you are looking to relocate, it could happen.

Love: In love you must not be pessimistic, the stars are in your favor in this month of September and invite you to react to the loneliness or monotony that is present in your relationship as a couple. If you are a lonely heart you may come across a person who can get your attention. Mars makes you more fascinating and increases your seductive power, so be aware that you can find love. If you already have someone to love, this month is very interesting and offers different moments of joy and serenity to live with the partner.

Work: After a decidedly fluctuating time at work, the time has finally come to feel a little calmer. Those who have committed themselves for a long time to the realization of a project are about to obtain the hoped-for confirmations. What matters is not being afraid to get involved, the excellent appearance of Jupiter and Venus help you find more energy and strength. During the first part of the month, you have to be very active given the favorable position of the planets. Mercury can offer excellent job opportunities but you have to move and not wait for things to rain from the sky without your commitment.




5. Leo (July 23 – August 22):

If a close relationship weighs on you, it will be time to recognize it and do whatever it takes to move on. At the same time, your social calendar will be marked this month, so you will hardly have time to be obsessed with what you can not control. Conversations and new connections will probably bring you opportunities.

Venus strengthens your relationship. You will be very close to others, attentive and particularly diplomatic. Take the time to think, before you start and stay focused on a new, more important goal for you.

Love: Interesting month in love for those born of the sign, who will be careful to meet the needs of the partner. Dialogue improves and your loved one understands your feelings very well. The sky is favorable also for the lonely hearts that can conquer so many preys and be courted even by more than one person. Go out and make new friends, but above all move at least until the middle of the month, because later it will be more difficult to get what you want. The second part of September is ideal for a trip, perfect for those who want to meet again.

Work: Work can give small and great satisfaction this month. In fact, intense and demanding weeks await you, made even special by an excellent astrological condition. Jupiter opens new horizons in your life and collaborations, contracts to sign and very interesting agreements are on the way. During this month you have to knock on the door of important people, who can help you concretely to realize ideas and projects. You must not only hope in your own strength and do not let doubts and perplexities affect your determination.




6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

It might be time to think about a meaningful relationship, or even pause. But when you make your decision, remember that it is not your job to repair anyone. On the financial level, you seem to be well. Know your value.

Mars, Sun, and Mercury bring good insights. Sometimes you will tend to lose yourself in the details. But Mars will give you the right energy to carry out your commitments with determination. The Sun in transit in your sign will improve communication. You will want to give up what is no longer relevant if you want to leave room for new opportunities.

Love: Until the middle of the month Venus is in your sky and you can live a very positive period in love. If you have a person who has created difficulties in the past, you can now manage to resolve each situation and find excellent harmony. Couples can make plans together and the period is exceptional for getting married or living together, or even planning the birth of a child. If instead you are lonely hearts and want to fall in love again, then the first half of the month can offer interesting opportunities also in terms of adventures and flirtation.

Work: The horoscope of the month of September announces movement on the job in the first two weeks, during which you do not have to remain still. So try to be very active, because the favorable position of Mercury and Venus can bring interesting news in the working and economic sector. In this month working life can flow normally but it can also change radically if you wish it strongly. Excellent news can come from a person you have known recently and who can offer a valid agreement, such as to bring revenue already in the second part of the month.




7. Libra (September 23 – October 22):

September will be your birthday season. As you begin to feel your power and charm increase, look for ways to take better care of yourself and honor yourself. It may be time to abandon a work situation that could be unhealthy. Your well-being will be the priority this month.

During the next few weeks, you really want to enjoy this summer. Mars supports you along with Venus. You will be in the mood to make new contacts. Take advantage of this horoscope for September 2019 to clarify outstanding situations. A positive attitude will allow you to find the optimism that from time to time may be missing in your life.

Love: Sentimental life promises to be serene this month, and even if there have been misunderstandings or tensions within the couple they will be overcome. To guarantee harmony and complicity in private life, the best thing is to show your love for your loved one, so let’s take initiatives. Organize an intimate dinner, a journey, or show your passion even in small gestures and solve every problem with dialogue. From the middle of the month, singles can be more fortunate and with Jupiter in trigone at any time can get a soul mate.

Work: The stars this month will help you solve problems that were born in recent months and will give you all the opportunities to be able to start again. Thanks to Mars and Mercury you will have the right tools to be able to undertake new and quite stimulating projects. From the second part of the month and onwards, good news can come and there will be the possibility of starting very profitable professional collaborations. Your project can become real during this period and therefore you must not give up. Praises and gratifications at work will not be lacking for those who deserve it.




8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

In September, you could bring to life a creative project that will put you in the limelight or decide to move (or not) a romantic relationship to the next level. Although overall, you may have a sudden realization of the means you need to stop playing yourself.

Jupiter increases your emotion. This month will be characterized by optimism and dynamism. Take advantage of the retun to update you in your business. Pluto and Mercury will help you resolve any pending disputes over the coming weeks. The moon brings sweetness, and even if this month is characterized by different obligations, you will find time not to neglect the feelings.

Love: September is the ideal month for Scorpios who want to win the heart of a person who attracts them a lot, but will have to move at the beginning of the month, when the planets are in a favorable position. Mercury and Venus are in fact very positive and together with Mars offer the opportunity to make excellent meetings and meet new people. If, on the other hand, you are in a couple and you have to carry out some projects together with your partner, then take advantage of the second part of the month, when there will be no obstacles that can create misunderstandings within your history. But beware of betrayals and adventures based solely on sex that can create future complications!

Work: The second part of the month is also positive for the professional and economic sector and allows you to be quite efficient at work. Thanks to the passage of Jupiter there will be excellent job opportunities, especially for those who are looking for a job. Those who already have it can get great profits, but they can start new collaborations with serious and reliable people. Money is at the center of the goals this month, but at the beginning you have to pay attention to unnecessary expenses so as not to find yourself broke. So look at the wallet, a little bit of parsimony doesn’t hurt!




9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

In September, a home or family situation may arise and remind you that you can not always do things alone. You will need the power of your community if you want to evolve. Friendships and relationships could be developed to help you achieve your dreams.

Your search for security will make you less impulsive and more cautious. You will be tenacious but patient. And this attitude will allow you to make decisions for too long outstanding issues.Your ability to analyze events with rationality will allow you to succeed.

Love: In this month there will be sentimental innovations, especially for couples who have been together for a long time. Some will have to do with discussions and bad feelings that could be difficult to overcome, others will decide to take the big step. Venus in a favorable position illuminates the hearts of lovers. If you are single, you have to get busy, attend new places and new people, and woo someone you like. Try to take advantage of the last two weeks of this month to declare your love and experience intense emotions with the desired person.

Work: The month promises to be excellent in the working sector especially in the second part when Jupiter favors great occasions and the best opportunities to make you emerge. You could get good news, make positive economic agreements and get attractive earnings. Those who study can pass important tests, while if you are a freelancer you could see the number of customers grow and consequently increase your money. Develop new and stimulating ideas to carry forward and projects that can lead to success in a short time.




10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

This month, you could have a moment of clarity that will help you see something in a new light. This could mean seeing options where you thought you had none or receiving a lot of hope. Whatever the case may be, it will be time to free yourself from fear and doubt. As for the professional plan, things could soon take off.

The stars in the next few days report some small tensions. Between the presence of Satun and appearance with Uranus, you will have to draw on your energy to move forward. Don’t stay focused on negative things. It is up to you to have a positive attitude.

Love: The beginning of the month is great for the sentimental sphere, those born of the sign can continue their stories with great joy and serenity. This means that at an erotic and sexual level your energies are at the highest levels. In addition, dialogue and feelings travel on the same track and your romantic relationship is very positive indeed. Some small tension may arise around the end of the month, but it will be nothing to worry about. If you are single, you can use your charm to make new achievements and experience exciting adventures. The power of seduction is sky-high and you will be irresistible!

Work: The work this month can bring considerable satisfaction, especially in the first part. It is a constructive period that encourages you to get busy because there are occasions that you cannot ignore. So, if you have to act, do it by mid-September when Mars offers a lot of energy and allows you to develop lots of work projects and earn a lot of money. However, this is not the time to make risky financial investments, it is better to postpone it until later. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a good job, the month is truly exceptional for doing very lucky talks.





11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

In September, a financial problem could arise, but it could show you how you underestimated yourself and contented yourself with less than you deserved. In the meantime, look for places, things, and people that inspire you. Ask for more.

Mars will accentuate your determination. Even in love, the atmosphere will be lively. Those who do not feel satisfied will be able to revive their relationship and find a new balance.

Love: This month announces much news in the sentimental sector of those born Aquarius. The first two weeks the couples will be able to meet misunderstandings and quarrels. The situation changes in the last two weeks of the month when you can live your relationship in absolute tranquility. Obviously, we need to stop the excesses and try to find some compromise to get along. If you are single the last decade of the month is the best time to meet attractive and intriguing people, who will be able to take your heart. Jupiter in sextile confirms a clear recovery in love for everyone, with interesting projects to develop.

Work: The past months have been really difficult on a professional level, due to dissonant Jupiter, but now finally this astrological condition will disappear and you will find stability also in economic and financial terms. Some small difficulties in the workplace will be easily overcome and you will face with optimism any question, even the most controversial, finding the right solution to solve it. If you are planning something new in your life then wait for the last two weeks to proceed because Mercury and Venus will be able to make you do several projects. Great time to buy a house or to invest a long-term sum of money.




12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

The month of September could bring you a personal breakthrough, especially in places where you might be holding back because of unhealthy or unbalanced relationships with others. During this time, take advantage of it to improve your personal care and self-esteem. In addition, your finances could improve.

Jupiter will make you more combative. You want to realize your ideas and make your ambitions sustainable. Carry on your pending commitments and projects.

Love: This period is very tiring in the sentimental sector for Pisces. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are in opposition at least until the middle of the month and the dialogue with your loved one becomes really complicated to manage. In many couples, there will be a high risk of separation, divorce or even removal. You must try to stay calm and find a good solution if you love the person you have by your side, otherwise, the break can be final. The period can be monotonous even for lonely hearts, courtship is scarce and some disappointment can embitter them. Don’t be discouraged, though, things will change in the future.

Work: Difficult time for work, the last few months have been decidedly demanding, but some projects are blocked and do not proceed as desired. But trying out new initiatives could prove to be a gamble, so take some time to put your life in order, a break will help you find more strength and face the future with greater optimism. By the end of the month, you will be more lucid and can make important decisions without risking becoming nervous. It is important to maintain good relations with colleagues and to avoid the breaking of agreements and contracts that were born in the past months.

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