You are currently viewing New Moon in Cancer on July 20th – Let the Universe Guide You Through this Chaos

New Moon in Cancer on July 20th – Let the Universe Guide You Through this Chaos

While the first Cancer New Moon of 2020 was that of June 21st, bringing a solar eclipse, the next will arise on July 20th. And as these events unfold, we will feel the energies of the June New Moon continuing with the July Moon.

The solar eclipse of cancer was quite powerful with its energy. Although the July moon is not as strong, we will still feel the harsh and restrictive energy of this lumination. Globally, we are already quite restricted in many of our regular activities, but now it comes down to an individual level. Even our own habits and beliefs may seem restrictive now.

So this New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to be more aware of the beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your true potential.



We are our own obstacles:

More often than we think, we are the ones who get in our way. A little habit that we cannot give up, a fear that holds us back, a throbbing voice of doubt that questions every step, very minor at first but they end up controlling our lives. They limit our minds and they limit us.

The feminine energy of the Moon rising in the watery sign of Cancer will guide us to align ourselves. Unless we are aligned with our higher self, unless we reach this supreme power, we will continue to worry about mundane things.

We will constantly live in fear of what will follow. But once we are aligned with the Divine, our faith increases. We know the Universe is watching over us and so we stop worrying. This alignment helps us to realize that what belongs to us will come back to us.

With Divine alignment comes surrender. We stop trying to control the things we can’t and focus on finding our true north, the one that will guide us even when we feel lost and abandoned. To achieve this alignment, we must let go of our ego.

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Saturn and the New Moon in Cancer:

The Second New Moon in Cancer, July 20th, 2020 (2)One of the reasons why this New Moon in Cancer will seem rather restrictive is that Saturn will be directly in front of the Moon on the night of the New Moon.

The planet is currently retrograde in Capricorn, when the New Moon approaches, its power will be felt more prominently. A more positive way to approach this restrictive feeling is to consider it a time of grounding and reflection. Think of ways to become more responsible for your life.

The restlessness we feel now can be channeled through grounding. And the best way to get back to the roots is to reconnect with nature. Learn the value of the present moment. Walk barefoot on the road, feel the texture of the grass, lean back on a tree. Such activities allow you to reconnect with the earth’s electromagnetic field, which restores the balance within you.

The New Moon in Cancer will remind us that despite the many changes and struggles we have faced this year, we need to find ways to get things done. We need to align with the energies around us, instead of working against them. Surrender and let divine intelligence guide you through this chaos.

We have the inner energy to deal with our problems alone, but the energy of Cancer will require us to connect with others and create a safe space. Cancer craves the security of family life, which does not always mean blood relations.

Whoever makes you feel warm, safe, and loved can be your family. Take the opportunity now to define your intentions under the New Moon in Cancer. Think about what you want for your family and family life, and they will manifest soon!

Since we already spend a lot of time at home, why not fill it with positive energy? Create a peaceful setting around you. Find inner peace and it will overflow outward.

So the New Moon of Cancer will bring restrictive energies at first, but if we can deal with it by grounding, we will reach a new level of personal comfort. Great things await us with the New Moon cycle. Are you ready?

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