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New Moon in Taurus on April 22 – A Chance to Upgrade and Change Your Life

This new April moon brings up the dark sky and asks you to fall within to find your core. Think and refocus. The time has come for serious Taurean energy to work and help us shine.

The dark night foreshadows a bright future. But it all depends on the grain of your heart. Do you have what it takes? To dive deep into yourself to find the light? 

The Taurus New Moon on April 22, reminds us that a new big start is on the horizon. This great new beginning has not yet come, but it is slowly approaching, and this New Moon is our stepping stone on the path to it.



Believe in yourself and your intuition.

The gut is always right. Take risks without being reckless. If you really believe that something is right and your gut agrees with you, then go for it. The new moon agrees with you. It’s your month if you want.

Watch out for darkness, as it holds powers beyond our mortal recognition that can send us into an endless fall. But also remember that the darker the well, the brighter the possibilities.



Accept darkness and use its powers to penetrate deeply into your meditative state.

This is the place where you can find your wildest and deepest fantasies. A place that contains your dreams that you don’t even say out loud for fear of being ridiculed. Some dreams are so high and powerful that you stop thinking about them, but stop worrying. Now is the time for you.

The cosmos is aligned and the Moon is in your favor. Raise your heart, take heart and find yourself to look in the dark. Summon the fearlessness with which the Taurus is gifted. When you accept the shadows, they become your true friends.

Sitting with your shadows means recognizing your deepest fears. It is recognizing what is behind your anxiety or behind that feeling of insecurity that floats from time to time.

The thing with shadow work is that it can often seem overwhelming, but simply bringing what you find into the light is very often all it takes to begin your journey towards greater healing.

Our opportunity to build a better future is here. Under the power of the Taurus New Moon, we are called to think about what we want to create. We are asked to set a goal and take small methodical steps to achieve it.

Create some space, keep an intention for the life you want to lead. Get out of your current situation for a moment and ask yourself, what can I become? How is my journey going from this point forward?

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In April, the New Moon will find the planet Uranus quite active.

New Moon on Taurus in April 22 - When Darkness Turns into Light 2

Uranus brings with it tremors, instability, and chaos. This disturbing planet flows like darkness, accompanying the brilliant New Moon of April.

The settled objects are dead objects. Things that have no life are without activity, and therefore, you must appreciate the chaotic nature of Uranus. Reign in your energy and dance with this trembling planet, because it gives birth to your future.

It is a battle within yourself, with the dark forces residing within you. All the guilt, doubts and uncertainties you face are the dark forces within you. They keep you from trying to take risks and reach your goals.

Take a deep breath and wake up the demon. Do not be afraid, because the Moon takes care of you. Trust the New April Moon. Self-confidence. The future you want is within your reach. All you need to do is trust your intuition and work towards achieving that future.



Another planet that will be active during this period is Saturn.

If Uranus symbolizes the future, then the mighty Saturn represents the past. It evokes the past and the feeling of being anchored and rooted. Even if we look to the future, we must keep in mind that we must always be faithful to our original selves. Our original self is our essence and without it, we are not ourselves.

Saturn is there to remind us of our true purpose. Remember where you came from and know where you want to go. Be firm and make decisions. You can only jump into the future with the help of the past.

What is to come is important, but know that without your past, you are nothing. Our experiences are what make us who we are. So take advantage of what you know about yourself and use that knowledge to build the future you want and deserve.



New Moon in Taurus Summary

Globally, it may seem that we are between two worlds and both Saturn and Uranus can amplify it, but we can soften this feeling by taking care of which seeds we would like to start planting today.

The familiarity of the past can be our guide, but the hope and promise of the future can guide us to think bigger and better.

Here are possibilities to improve and change our life, and the Taurus New Moon represents a time when we can plant those seeds.

Opportunities and possibilities for a better future are in the air. It’s time to calculate the risks. Do you have what it takes to be a fearless Taurus and conquer the future by its horns?

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