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New Moon June 3, 2019 in Gemini: Powerful Energies Coming Your Way

The new moon in Gemini will take place on June 3, 2019, at 12° Gemini, and you will receive great help in determining your life. The New Moon in Gemini promises good fortune, especially with regard to money and love.

The new moon of June 2019 also joins the fixed star which is called Aldébaran, the brightest star of the zodiacal constellation of the Taurus. Aldebaran is a massive star that is a great abundance of courage and energy. This abundance helps us appreciate the benefits of the new moon on June 3rd.

Nevertheless, it is essential to be too confident and to preserve what we already have.


Meaning of the new moon of June.

The new moon symbolizes the birth of a new cycle after the last cycle. The sun – moon conjunction will fill you with life-giving energy. So, if you want to start a new trip, do it now, this is a perfect time.


Astrology of the new moon of June.

This new June moon appears in the Taurus constellation. As said above, it will appear very close to the massive Aldebaran star.

The new moon of June will spare all the planets and there will be especially the aspects of the other planets which will have a great influence.


The stars in this new moon.

The star, Aldebaran, is a giant star. This is one of the 15 Behenian fixed stars. As part of the Archangel or Royal Stars, this is Michael’s representative, also known as the Celestial General. The Sun-Moon alignment in the new moons symbolizes the seat of power in astrology. It, therefore, seems logical that the star Aldebaran has a great influence at this time.

This combination gives us powerful energy in the form of consistency, tenacity, and inventiveness. In this surge of energy, we will also find stress and anxiety. Business or wars will be recognized, honored and successful, but there will also be a high risk of loss.

The constellation of Orion is known to provide an honorable and strong nature. It is also accompanied by aggression, daring, impiety and good fortune in business. Nevertheless, it could become a poison and a betrayal.

There are also two other small stars in the constellation Perseus. They offer some protection against our opponents while warning us. The Epsilon Leporis star of the Lièvre constellation fills us with challenges, abundance, discernment, modesty, and alertness.


Aspects of the new moon of June.

The Venus-Pluto trine will accentuate the desire for affection and love. There will be more passion and intensity in your relationships and some things will bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy. A new, intense relationship may have some complications.

The June 16 Jupiter-Neptune square could defy your beliefs. It is also possible that you have told something exaggerated. Be careful not to be too optimistic.

The Saturn-Neptune sextile of June 18th will be of great support for you to go to the end of your dreams. We must simply make the necessary efforts and have a realistic and well thought out way of doing things. Spiritual wisdom can lead to self-discipline and give the necessary patience to truly guarantee a healthy future.


Conclusion of the new moon of June 2019

With the star Aldebaran, you will be filled with courage, daring, and energy. This will give you the strength to engage in these challenging new starts.

The universe will bring good fortune even in your professional, friendly and loving relationships. Just be careful not to overdo it and proceed with great caution to preserve yourself.

The effects of this new moon will last four weeks until the solar eclipse of July 2. The ideal time to make new plans is during the first two weeks after the beginning of the new moon.

We hope you will be cautious when the new moon arrives and you will find success in your projects.

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