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Numerology for the Month of November 2019! What Energies should We Expect

November is always a special month because it contains the vibration of the number 11.

In numerology, 11 is a Master Number, associated with higher realms, divinity, and spiritual awakenings. It is said that it symbolizes the idea that although we seem to be separate individuals, we are really all connected and part of a larger whole.

This is seen in the number 1 repeated twice and in the fact that when the digits are added, 1+1 gives us 2.

We are one, but we are also each other.

We are the Universe expressing ourselves as humans. We are the consciousness that comes alive, and while we all have our ways, we are also all in this together.

11 is also a number associated with higher realms. Even the number 11 looks like two pillars or two portals between this world and the next.

Throughout the month of November, we can take advantage of the higher vibrations and access the Divine realms more easily. We can find more progress when we meditate and when we take action to raise our consciousness.

Although the entire month of November contains special numerical codes, here are some of the most notable days:



November 1:

The numerological code for this day is 111. We have the number one repeated three times and the fact that 2019 is also a year number 3 (2019/3=673) gives this day a special flavor too.

On this day, our ability to manifest will be high, but so will our ability to communicate and express ourselves. If we feel sad, lost or confused, we can find some clarity on this day if we deepen and explore what is really happening within us.

Under this numerological code, take a moment to really listen and check yourself. Stop and try to feel what it is like to be inside your body at this given moment. When you allow yourself to do this, when you allow yourself to feel inside, you will open yourself to a new consciousness that will help you on your journey forward.

On this day we also have to be aware of not getting stuck in repetitive thoughts or patterns. This is a time when we can free ourselves from the past and start a new journey in a new direction.

If the past is appearing, this is our opportunity to create a new and better result for ourselves by not repeating old patterns.

November 1 is also when the veil is thinner, so if you want to access the angelic kingdoms or honor your loved ones, your efforts will be supported.



November 3:

November 3 is special in 2019 since it is also a year number 3. The numerical code for this day is 3113, which also reduces the number of infinity to 8.

On this day we will feel strong and magnetic! This is a day of power where we can really manifest ourselves, get out there and dare to try something new! Do not step back in your dreams and goals, and find the strength and confidence to take the step to step forward or try something new.

If you take bold action on this day, you will be sowing seeds for your future. Lead with love, not with your fears and you will be rewarded!



November 11:

The famous 11/11! A special day for many! This day contains the numerical code of 1111, which is a power number in astrology and also an angel number.

If there is something you want to manifest or a desire you want to do, this is the day to do it! November 11 is your day to manifest, set intentions and connect with the spiritual world, but it is also an extremely powerful day to open your heart.

If you have been feeling blocked when it comes to matters of the heart, or if you are struggling to connect with the desire of your heart, this is a day when you can really release and let go of everything that is holding you back.



Here is an 11/11 ritual to guide you:

Here is an 11/11 ritual to guide you

Alternate days to do this ritual: November 10, 28 and 29.

Step 1: Start writing freely for 11 minutes about all the things that open your heart and bring you joy in your life. This may include things that currently bring you joy or things that you want to bring into your life in the future. When it comes to free-flow writing, the idea is to keep writing without lifting the pencil from the page, so allow yourself to write anything to keep the pencil moving.

Step 2: Review what you have written and highlight all the key activities or words of feelings that get your attention. These words and/or activities will provide clues about where you need to focus your energy and time.

Step 3: Choose 3 of the words or activities you like best and write them on a separate sheet of paper. Now put your hand on your heart and repeat for each one.

«I give myself permission to feel/do (insert feeling / activity here). I give myself permission to bring more of this energy into my life from today.»

Step 4: Now close your eyes and visualize what your life will look like when you bring all this beautiful energy. Look at yourself achieving everything you want, and feeling cheerful and happy. Meditate on this for 11 minutes.

Step 5: With your vision in mind, write a clear intention of what you want to manifest in your life. Try to succinctly capture the emotions, feelings and things you want to bring into your life in one sentence. This will help you send a clear wish to the Universe. Here are some examples.

«My intention is to bring more relaxed and peaceful energy into my life so that I can feel aligned and connected with my highest path.»
«My intention is to give myself permission to play and feel young and cheerful again.»
«My intention is to listen and honor my intuition so that I can advance in my career and bring more abundance.»
«My intention is to open my heart to a new love and share new memories with another.»

There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to your intention, just try to express it in a positive way. Once you have your intention, keep it somewhere where you can see it regularly or expose it out loud a few times.

Step 6: Put your hands in prayer position, thank your Spirit team and close with the mantra.

«I am aligned, I am One, I am creating the life of my highest path where all my desires are fulfilled. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.»

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