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Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual June 2019 – Harvest its Powerful Energy

This moon will remind us that we all have a fire that resides in us. Just strengthen our intuition and connect to our inner self to know where this fire is.

By the way, this full moon will be the last before the start of the eclipse season. It will help us understand how we are going to make progress on this journey.

On the other hand, if you wish a complete revelation, it will be necessary to wait for the appearance of eclipses. Nevertheless, it is at this moment that you will really be able to connect to your inner spirit. To do this, simply perform this ritual to guide you:

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Ritual for the full moon in Sagittarius:

For the best results, it is advisable to do it between June 14th and 24th.

Ingredients needed:

  • A cleansing tool of your choice
  • 3 candles
  • A piece of paper cut in three
  • 3 papers
  • A Pen
  • A glass of water

How to proceed :

1. First, purify your aura with the cleansing tool of your choice.

Then recite:

“I purify my soul, my body and my spirit. I free myself from all the old. My heart is now completely cleansed. There is no fear in me. I know I have enough willpower. I am at peace. Thank you.”

Now clean all the ingredients and your environment. Recite:

“I clean all the space on me and all the ingredients. Everything is pure and full of love. I give all my joy and release all that is not useful to me. May there be nothing but peace and love around me.

2. Place the candles in the shape of a triangle, then turn them on. Then place the glass of water in the center of this triangle.

3. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and sit down silently. Stay quiet and meditate for about ten minutes.

4. Cut the paper in half. Read the following invitations and choose three:

It’s been too long since you keep that in your heart. Maybe it’s time to move on (your name).

You must be nice to yourself. Say: I love you (your name) 

You know you deserve better and it’s time to set limits (your name).

You have accomplished a lot and you should be proud (your name). 

It’s time to make a decision. Put your hand on your heart (your name) – you know what you have to do.

Things will work perfectly (your name). Do not worry. 

Healing can take a long time, but you must be patient (your name).

You will soon move on to something else (your name), but for now, be nice to yourself.

You’re doing well (your name). Continue, a bright future awaits you.

5. Choose the three messages and write them on each piece of paper. Fold the three pieces in the same way. Now, mix them up and put them in the triangle.

6. Take a paper and write an event you want to forget. Write in the details.

7. When finished, take a break and think about what you have written. Look at the three pieces of paper, take one at random and read it. Trust your intuition.

8. Take another paper, write in details something in the present you want to release.

9. Take another piece of folded paper and think about the message and thoughts it brings you.

10. Finally, take the last piece of paper and write down something you have done. Something you did not think you could do but that made you realize that you were much stronger. Note a feat you are really proud of.

11. Then take another folded piece and think about it.

12. Take ten deep breaths and relax. Collect the glass of water and say:

“The healing has begun. I am on the right track. I am filled with light. Thank you.”

Then drink the water.

13. Finally, you can burn the papers.

We wish you a good full moon and hope you enjoy your energy.

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