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Signs That You’ve Reached A Turning Point In Your Life

The transformation process does not happen instantly. There are many small changes every day, and each of them is absolutely important; Basically, what you are doing is unlearning your lifestyle habits and starting to acquire new ones.

The majority of people live in suppressed fear and denial, creating a sort of fictional comfort level. We use firmly established beliefs, thoughts, and habits to hide our primary anger, panic, and pain; we live a life on autopilot.



However, lately, it seems impossible to live in the matrix and keep your sanity:

And make no mistake, this is an extremely positive process. This transformation process includes the evolution of our consciousness from fear to love. This means that you will have to melt your fears and lick your emotional wounds by understanding and accepting them.

You will have to face them, feel them, and decode them, despite the fact that you are afraid of the concept itself. Whenever a wave of intense acceleration hits you, it neutralizes the low frequencies of consciousness, energy, and suppressed fears in your subconscious.

It goes without saying that different forms of anxiety will emerge out of nowhere and stir your emotions. So you better buckle up, because avoiding and removing subconscious blockages will most likely exhaust you, and we all know that exhaustion can lead to disappointment, hopelessness, and lack of motivation.

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You stand at a crossroads:

How to Tell if You Have Reached a Turning Point in Your Life 2The last breath of negativity on your path to transformation occurs when you finally get tired of resisting and controlling and feeling so overwhelmed by the complexity of your life that when you stop; there is nothing else you can do.

The process simply forces you to live in the present moment; to experience what’s going on now. This forces you to be alone with yourself, your fears, and your pain. You must experience this state without judgment or action on the matter.

Just be present in your life and let things take their own course. In this way, you will be able to experience yourself, your soul, which is always present under distractions. This is what happens when you dive into calm and non-physical areas. This is when your intuition opens.



Now your soul shines:

Revelations are happening. Understanding and compassion melt your fears. You feel relieved, relaxed, and happy. You will feel much better!

This represents a huge turning point in the transformation process; it is when the spirit surrenders and triggers the enormous expansion of consciousness of the soul, the body, and the wise evolutionary flow.

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