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Some Experts Suggest Never to Ignore These 8 Dreams

There are 8 dreams, according to some experts, that we should never ignore.

It will certainly have happened to you to suddenly wake up from a dream that seemed all too real.

Our dreams have a huge effect on our mood the next day. A beautiful dream will leave positive signs in our day, while a nightmare will leave us tired and exhausted.

Based on the research done at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan, the brain has scanned everything that appears in our dreams, because it analyzes people and objects in the real world when we observe them.

So the belief is that our dreams send us messages, warnings on certain occasions.

In light of this, here are the 8 dreams whose message we should not ignore.


1. Flying:

Dreaming of flying can indicate will, hard work, education. It can be the messenger of a need for freedom.

It makes you aware of your abilities and what you are really capable of.

It tells you that you can trust yourself because you have the power to face all the difficulties and solve all problems by yourself.




2. Death:

Dreaming of a dead person or one’s own death must not scare us. If in the dream the deceased has a happy face, it is a good omen. It means that it is peaceful and brings serenity.

Dreaming of the death of an acquaintance still alive is an indication of a long and fruitful life.

Finally, dreaming of one’s own death can mean the imminent arrival of a great change in our lives.




3. Teeth:

The upper arch is linked to men, the lower one to women. The front teeth are related to the brothers, those in the middle to their father and the paternal relationship. The left side indicates the mother and the maternal relationship. The back ends, distant relatives.

Dreaming of white and healthy teeth indicates blessings for people in that dental area.

Dreaming of rotten teeth indicates our fears and the arrival of anxiety.




4. Pregnancy:

If the pregnancy concerns you, it indicates the momentary difficulty of achieving your goals while working hard to achieve them.

Dreaming of others’ pregnancy indicates sadness and darkness.

Looking at a pregnant woman in the dream indicates negativity.

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5. Fire:

Fire is the symbol of the passion of love, of anger, of desires, of emotions.

The fire in dreams indicates an emergency situation to be addressed.




6. Naked:

Dreaming of being naked is quite common. Everyone has had this dream at least once in their life.

According to the interpreters of dreams, this dream indicates something positive that will happen in the near future.

But the dream can also have a negative value. Nudity explains the weakness of the period, the fragility of the moment we are experiencing.




7. Falling:

Another rather common dream and indicates the loss of total or partial control of your life.

But dreaming of falling can indicate fear of failure, of abandonment. Fears are experienced by our unconscious as we fall.




8. Being chased:

It is not a particularly positive dream. Rather, the pursuer is the symbol of our fears and our problems

If you are literally running away from something in your life, the dream tells you that it is time to face the situation and shows you how you feel inwardly during this time.

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