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Super Black Moon in Leo on July 31st: Powerful Energies Coming Your Way

The super black moon in Leo is just around the corner, on July 31. The black moons are the second new moon in a calendar month, and this one is also a super moon, which means it will be so close to us that it will look bigger. Although it will be difficult to see, being a new moon, its power will be stronger due to its proximity to us.

This Moon has 3 powers: it’s a new moon, a black moon, and a super moon. And, it’s a lot to handle in one day! But why stop at the moon. Retrograde Mercury also ends on July 31st. So get ready for all this powerful energy.

Not only will it affect us, but it will also affect the world around us, due to the immense vibrations emanating from it. If you have been feeling the various retrogrades, including Mercury and feel a bit out of place after the recent half eclipse, the black moon may be able to provide you with the new beginning you have been waiting for. The new cycles help us to establish new intentions, to focus on the necessary changes and to carry out the initial stages of these plans.

If you feel melancholic, exhausted and as if you might need a change, then taking advantage of this energy will present you with a wonderful opportunity.

As the chaotic energies become extinct, the new moon will bring a time of peace and clarity. With this taking place in Leo, it is a wonderful time to let out your loudest roar. If you have been unable to express yourself, now is the time to shine. While the eclipses raised us, and the setbacks have transformed us, now is the time to show our true self to the world before us.


The black moon

Black moons are the second new moons that appeared in the same calendar month. This rare event occurs with an interval of 29 months. Your position on the world map decides when you meet this Moon.

You could have it on July 31 or August 1, but even if it’s August for you, it will always be a dark moon! For the Americas, it will be July 31 and for Europe on August 1.



What is so great about the Black Moon?

When the Moon is closest to our Earth in a particular monthly orbit, we call it a super moon. Due to the shortened distance, the Moon appears brighter than ever and much bigger! The super moon, the black moons, the blue moons, the moons of the harvests, the moons of the strawberries, etc. are also part of folklore!


The effects of the Black Moon

1. Family

All aspects of this new moon are about to bring us their blessings. “Hive spirit” among your family members will be ubiquitous. This Moon is associated with “the spirit of the ancestors” according to Chinese astrology. The new Leo moon demands great respect for older generations.

Your goal will be to acquire substantial wealth. Inheritance will be the key: an inherited talent or a material family heritage will be very important. Family values ​​will also be tested. Some may feel compelled to identify strongly with their clan.

While it’s comforting to know that the family is supporting us, this new black moon could bring up family files from the closet. This could lead to intense quarrels. But on the other hand, it may also be the moment to definitely reconnect with a forgotten or neglected family member.


2. Self

The new moons represent a new beginning. So, correct your intentions for the coming month. You can indulge in a ritual to get started, erasing the slate. The cleaning energy will be amplified by the black moon, which will allow your latent desires and forces to surface.

Not only positive desires, but some scary secrets could also be revealed. As your negative emotions, such as envy and hate, slip away, a drama may ensue.

Patience is golden, so think before acting. Do not blame yourself for these negative emotions. They must be purged from time to time and this new black moon is here to help you do it.

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Mercury retrograde

July was difficult for most of us with double eclipses and retrograde Mercury. The rest of the year looks pretty nice as the intense pressure disappears.

So be sure to celebrate this new black moon! Concentrate on your intentions and have confidence in them to carry you through but without forcing things.



New beginnings

The new moon symbolizes the process of making an idea. It is therefore important that you use this time wisely. Old things must end to pave the way for new beginnings. What holds you back will be illuminated during this time.

This new moon is the time to sow your manifestation seeds, and you can begin to harness the energy of all the beautiful things around you.



Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself and get ready to dive into the energy of this new black moon! It has an atmosphere of transformation and it’s the right time to start something new and exciting. It will be spectacular. Prepare for all this energy!

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