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Take this Spiritual Test to Understand what is Really Important to You

Test of a walk in the forest – relational psychology test.

This is called a relational psychology test. The answers to these questions indicate an interest in the values ​​that are dear to you in your personal life. Imagine walking in a beautiful forest. The sun is shining, there is a slight breeze. It’s just beautiful.


Who are you walking with?_____________

As you continue to walk in the forest, you come across an animal.


What kind of animal is this?____________

You approach the animal.


What does this animal do?_____________

You walk further into the forest, and you arrive in a clearing. There is a house in the middle of the clearing.


What is its size? Is it fenced or not?_____________

You walk to the door of the house and open it. You enter and see a table.


Describe what is on the table.___________________

You end up looking around the house and you come out the back door. There is a huge lawn and a garden in the center. In the garden, you find a cup.


What is the cup? What are you doing with the cup?_________________

As you walk towards the bottom of the garden, you come across a body of water


What kind of body of water is this? A lake? A river? A pond?________

You have to cross this water to go home.


Are you soaked?_______

Ready for answers?
The person you are walking with is the most important person in your life.

The size of the animal you meet is a representation of the size of your problems.

If you have acted violently, it means that you tend to be more aggressive. If you have remained calm, then you are more passive.

The size of your home is representative of the size of your ambition.

If there was no fence around the house, it means that you tend to be more open.
If what you saw on the table was not food, people or flowers, it indicates some dissatisfaction.

The strength of the cup you found was representative of the strength of your relationship with the person in the first part of the story. What you do with it is representative of your attitude towards it.

The size of the body of water is related to the size of your libido.

If you have been soaked, this indicates that sex is important to you. If you have been barely wet, this may indicate that it is less important to you.

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