tarot cards introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction.

When people hear Tarot card readings, they always foresee a woman in a robe and a deck of cards in front of them. However, that is not really what Tarot card readings are about. In fact, these readings were not meant to tell your future or fortune.

According to a known source, the most powerful source of facts or information is your inner self, and your goals in life can be achieved by pursuing them. But, what does it mean? Are Tarot card readings not true and unreliable? How will you believe in such readings?


The Basics.

Basically, there are two forms of Tarot card readings and they are open reading and question reading. In question reading, you will address a certain question. Tarot card readings were not made to answer a yes or a no question.

Majority of people who believe in these readings say that Tarot must be used to guide and help you in making decisions by yourself, not to use it to make your decisions. That is the reason why your questions matter a lot and based on the statements of experts, you should keep your choices open, find the best and considerable level of detail, be positive and neutral.

Open readings, on the other hand, address the huge aspects of one’s life instead of a specific issue or question. These readings are typically done when you are just about to enter a new stage of your life like graduating from college or getting married.

You may also consider this type of reading if you want to cover a general area of your life including your career or health, but this may depend on your hired Tarot card reader.

In the next chapters, you will get more ideas about Tarot cards, their basics and how they work. You will also learn the warnings about Tarot card readings.

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