How to Calculate Time Frames With Tarot

Chapter 6: How to Calculate Time Frames With Tarot?

Tarot readers hover over their cards and conjure up the aura or energy of their environment in order for them to make predictions about your future. But, since Tarot cards are not a science, they search for hints regarding the events that will happen. By looking at the numbers and symbols on the Tarot cards, they are able to make a prediction.

Probably, predicting the perfect timing of events is quite challenging. It is because according to a Tarot card reader, time doesn’t exist for higher self, spirit, loved ones who passed away or guides.

Time can also trick you anytime and might disappoint you at some point, especially if you have expected too much for the event to come.

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How to calculate the exact time of an event using the Tarots:

Time frames may not exist to some Tarot card readers, but there is a way for you to calculate them and that is through following these steps:

1. First and foremost, look at the cards’ suit. Swords means winter, cups is equivalent to summer, wands is spring while pentacles is autumn. If you don’t know the meaning of suits, you may use a material or resource that would help you determine the accurate time frame even if there is no accurate timing of events.

2. The second step that you should always take into consideration is reading the cards’ number. The number of cards which start from one to twelve represents the months. One means it’s the month of January while twelve is December.

3. The third step is observing the cards that you have pulled with numbers more than 12. Cards with numbers above 12 can be the days within the months.

4. The fourth step is keeping in mind the astrological clues or hints. For example, if you got the Emperor card that has ram’s horns or ram on it, this represents the zodiac sign Aries which falls from the 20th of March to the 19th of April.

5. The last and final step is using your instincts to tell or determine the time. According to some Tarot card readers, for you to tell the exact time of the event, you have to focus on the positive energy in your environment or soak yourself with the aura of your place. In addition to that, you have to be open, relaxed, as well as natural while you are picking Tarot cards.

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Calculating time frames with Tarot can be challenging, but if you want to master Tarot card reading, then this is an important concept that you should not forget because it can help you predict what time the event will fall.

The timing of the event can also play a big role when making decisions or taking any steps in your life.

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