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The 2019 Horoscope and the Stars or Planets on Which to Focus in the New Year

What relationship will you have with stars & planets in 2019? Which star will you have to focus on in the coming months, and why? Let’s find out together with this short guide to the luck of the coming year.



It seems to be a year on and lively despite the constant weight of a Saturn that always asks you and only the maximum commitment and work.

On whom you have to aim: definitely on Jupiter that will help you to go far with your body and mind, to cultivate healthy passions and new interests so as not to make your year trivial or uninteresting.



If Jupiter has permanently stopped you from growing (especially in pairs), here is Uranus, from March, will change your rules, forcing you to change, to become.

On whom you must aim: Saturn remains a solid professional promise for you. It’s the right time to build something that can last a long time. Do not waste time.



Jupiter will live for almost the entire year in opposition, a real challenge in trying to live loves and relationships in a safe and functional way, never losing the desire to believe that he is important to you.

Who you should bet on: remember that Mercury, in the spring, will know how to bring your energies up, but also yours and the need to emerge, the ambitions for a year that needs to be done seriously.



Saturn and Pluto remain in opposition to your sign, something that asks you to always know how to change and transform your way of life, of commitment, into a serious, committed way.

On whom you must aim: you will need energy, warmth, color and a little luck. Mars will be a friend in March, June, September and December, moments when you really should try to make your own strength that knows how to make you happier, satisfied with your present.



In the coming months, you will be called to challenge Uranus who will try to understand if you are really capable of radically changing your destiny, the profession. It’s time to demonstrate the courage of the Lion.

On who you have to bet: obviously on Jupiter, a very tonic and very lucky planet that will live in a good position to your sign, allowing you long moments devoted to pleasure, fun, especially in summer. Not bad.



Jupiter will spend most of the year squaring your sign, making growth, luck, and relationships with someone important to you a little easier. The solution? Never move away from logic.

On whom you must aim: you will have three planets, Uranus Saturn and Pluto, by your side. The energy that will make the Virgo much safer, braver, more able to gather some new challenge.



Saturn and Pluto do not stop broadcasting their squares, determining for you small weights and new responsibilities with your intimate, personal life. Something you can handle perfectly.

Who you should aim for: Jupiter will help you develop new networks, new forms of communication and exchange. Uranus, no longer opposed, will make you much more peaceful, capable of stability.



From spring, Uranus will try to change your roles, the quality and the dynamics of relationships that regulate your social, emotional, loving life. Are you ready to get involved?

On whom you must aim: two energies that will give you a hand. Saturn, which will help you to be stable and concrete despite Uranus in a challenging position. And then dear Jupiter, which, albeit indirectly, will help you realize.



In the company of Jupiter, everything is special, unique, lucky. Your year could be really important together with your planet that will help you grow, expand and organize.

On whom you have to aim: obviously and mainly on Jupiter that will allow you a very special growth, a year with a thousand promises (kept). Just pay attention to the love from February to April because of an unreliable Mercury.



It could be a year of waiting, preparing for an amazing, unmissable, decisive 2020. Use the next few months to tidy up the things of the present, respecting you more in the summer, when Saturn will ask you to slow down.

On who you have to bet: remember that you will have to enter in 2020 perfectly equipped to face a special destiny. Ask Uranus for help if you want to change your habits if you need to get rid of weights, useless bonds.



Challenge your Saturn discrete and silent betting on your inexhaustible dreams, hopes, and projects that you will have to guess more than understanding. From March, do not lose contact with reality (Uranus in quadrature).

On whom you must aim: probably on Jupiter, strong and free energy that will help you make ideas more sustainable, the future, which will free you from the blows of the last few months.



Jupiter will be in constant square to challenge you in trying to grow with the profession, in putting you more willingly to the test or at stake if and when you have the opportunity.

On who you have to aim for: this Saturn is not bad, which, from the sextile, will finally make your plans solid. Get ready for a strong and in love spring together with a very special Mercury.

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