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The 3 Zodiac Signs that will Benefit the Most from April 2019

The rains of April bring the flowers of May, but it does not mean that April is a less important month. After all, it’s the beginning of spring, it’s usually the best month of the year. Nevertheless, three signs of the zodiac, in particular, will benefit at best from April, namely Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Everyone deserves to have a good month. But, that’s not always possible. For example, the Pisces season was not perfect for the family of fire signs and for others. But, the family of water signs probably knew the best way to swim in the waters of this season.

Nevertheless, April is a month full of retrograde cycles and transits. There will be three retrograde planets during this month. Many people do not like retrograde cycles.

But fortunately, the planet Jupiter will be one of those three retrograde planets. This planet is expanding and in abundance, which means that we will probably support this transit.

When the two planets actually slow down, people will have to look within their boundaries, while reflecting on the meaning of power, and where it has been removed from them on some occasions.

Everything is too complicated, but it is important to take note of it because the outer planets can affect the entire generation in the end, which is why people usually call them planets of generations.

The truth is that when they move more slowly, they have more power. Like a tornado that moves slowly. This also happens with the outer planets, concerning astrology.

Here are the three signs and what should they expect in April:


Aries: Walk in the sun.

It’s the birthdays of people born under this sign, so what can we say? The month of April will shine for these people, in every sense of the word.

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury will all have a universal cameo in their sign in April so they will be charismatic like never before. Anyway, they must make sure to go out to party and have a little fun.



Leo: To feel spontaneous.

If people born under this sign take a day off, they must know that departures are totally aligned with them and should, therefore, make this period better.

On the other hand, with the planets Venus and Mercury, and the Sun traveling in their sister sign in April, they will be rewarded with a harmonious flow of energy.

In April, some of these people could also take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. They should not be afraid to take risks.



Sagittarius: Feeling extroverted.

Jupiter, the planet that governs this sign, expands the horizons of the people born under this sign and also offers them fortune and abundance.

However, Jupiter will also begin to demote in this sign in April, which actually means more time spent in the sign of these people.

In addition, with the planets Venus and Mercury and the Sun jostling their 5th house of expression in April, these people will be inflamed.

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