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The 6 Types of Cosmic Connections – We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident

When we talk about connections, the reactions that people can have are, of course, the most diverse.

For someone, they are just random, while for others behind every event, such as meeting with a person, a message is hidden.

Maybe veiled, not obvious, but still worthy of reflection.

Israel Ben Elezier, known to history as the Baal Shem Tov, the Master of the Good Name, who was an orphan at the age of 5, was, as revealed by the stories concerning him, used to meet his ancestors in the woods.

They were not encounters as we can commonly imagine them, but, as the followers of the Baal say, connections so intense as to leave those present almost astonished.

It is then necessary to divide the blackboard into two fields.

And, on the one hand, to put those who think that every event is not casual, but a harbinger of an indication, teaching; perhaps even a revelation.

All our experiences lead us, according to this thought, to the place to which we are destined. When we meet a person, it brings new knowledge, synchronicity takes place.


The 6 Types of Cosmic Connections


1- Those who come to give an answer

Sometimes the answers we are looking for are within us, but we can not read them, understand them.

Then, all of a sudden, an encounter takes place that tells us what we felt at a latent level, we thought we understood, but we could not rationalize. A quick but essential meeting.



2- Those who must teach

There are people who are born to offer guidance, teaching. They have only the task of routing, teaching to clarify, helping to find out what we want in life and whether the road taken is correct or not.

Attention, we talk about the right way, not the road to success at all costs. Two diametrically opposed concepts.



3- Those who must be a guide and a travel companion

These people will always be in our lives. They will not be meteors that pass, leave a message and go away, but people whose task is to stand by, discreetly, but assiduously.

They usually meet in the hardest moments and can give the important hand to get out and take the path again.



4- Those who come to shake us

Everyone needs a good shock when you persevere in bad habits, behaviors, lifestyles.

This is the job of these people. To shock, to awaken, to provoke a decisive and determined change.



5- Those who leave an indelible mark

Sudden, brief, casual encounters someone would say. However, understand us to leave something unique, brilliant, unforgettable.

Something that will remain forever, as a unique and indelible mark.



6- Those who are destined to leave

There are people who do not intend, they can not stay long.

Even their footprint is unique, and somehow we feel the need to stay as long as possible.

But this is not their purpose, so as soon as the necessary teaching is finished, they are destined to leave us. Frequently provoking a sense of emptiness, of pain.


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