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The 7 Most Common Synchronicities We Do Not Pay Attention to

Synchronicity is the phenomenon of significant “coincidences” that occur in life that simply can not be explained in ordinary terms.

They defy a natural explanation because of their impeccable timing and their perfect coincidence with other areas of our lives. It is literally a sign that you are on the right track and you are in tune with the flow of the universe.

Here are seven of the most common synchronicities that people know when they are in tune with the universe. The next time you experience it, congratulate yourself because you are in harmony with the spirit of the universe.





1. Think of someone, then receive a call or a message from the person directly after.

This is one of the most common synchronicities that most people consider a mere coincidence. You can say that someone had this synchronicity when he said to you: “I was thinking about you!”

It is synchronicity that is based on the energy connection we have with all things around us. We can literally exploit the thoughts and intentions of others, regardless of distance. The spirits that exist in the universe are one.



2. Meet someone by chance with the ability to help you through your greatest challenge or current need.

The people you need in life often show up in sync at the right time and in the right place when you’re in tune with the moment.

Someone with whom you speak online or meet at a party may be exactly the person who can help you with what you want or need in life.



3. The answers to your questions are suddenly available to you.

Maybe you wanted to know what should be your next professional move or if you needed advice for a big project. Maybe you’re waiting for a sign on a relationship you’re in.

Without even consciously searching for the answer at the moment, synchronicity can simply bring answers to questions in the most unexpected way.



4. See recurring numbers like 1111, 222 or 333.

This is probably the most common sign that people receive from the universe. Some people even believe that these are signs of our spiritual guides or angels, informing us that we are moving in the right direction or giving us advice.

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5. Hear the first notes of the next song about to go on the radio.

Have you ever sung a song in your head and heard this song go on the radio or in the mall right after? We have all experienced this, many times.

It would be naïve to think that it is pure coincidence. When you are in tune with the moment, your psychic abilities increase.

Our mind has precognitive abilities, which means that it sometimes reacts to stimuli even before the stimuli are present.



6. Very good timing.

Maybe you can easily avoid traffic jams and go every green light, or find yourself somewhere exactly at the right time. When your timing is good and you’re out on the wind, you can be sure to move to more synchronicity.

When you work with the universe, it seems that it is working for you in return.



7. Randomly receive a gift you wanted, even if you did not tell anyone.

Maybe there’s a book you want to read or a new gadget that has hit you in the eye, but you did not say anything about it.

Suddenly, your partner, parent or friend simply gives it to you as a gift: “Hey, I saw that and thought it would interest you”.

If you strive, have a vibration that matches the reality you want, and do your part to ensure that your heart, mind, and soul are in tune with the results you’re looking for, then the universe will guide you on your way.

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