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The First Retrograde Mercury Of The Year Brings Many Energetic Changes

Can you believe January is about to end? It looks like it was only yesterday that the month started!

Next February, many celestial events will occur. One such major event is the Mercury Retrograde. Are you ready for this?



February 16 is the day Mercury goes retrograde.

It is to be expected that much chaos and agitation will begin this day and remain so until March 9-10.

The retrograde will start in the sign of Pisces while it will end in the sign of Aquarius. Many energy changes can, therefore, be expected during this period.

The emotional feeling would be for us the culmination of this retrograde Mercury. But it is not always a bad thing as we think. Being emotional, we will also become more frank and honest with others.

We don’t think it’s a bad thing. You will certainly worry less about what others think. If you manage to stay calm during these difficult times, you will see that everything will be fine.




On February 16, Mercury will go retrograde to 12 degrees in Pisces.

It will also present the Moon in a difficult way. Mercury is alone because no major star is in conjunction with it. The moon, however, is currently in the middle of Scorpio.

This square between the Moon and Mercury creates hypertension in the heart and in the mind. Likewise, some sort of internal struggle could arise between what you think and what you feel.

If you have a strong feeling or opinion on something, then question it. It will be subject to your questions, indecision and how your emotions and interests vary.

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This retrograde Mercury will allow you to speak frankly and honestly about your feelings.

But the message you receive may not be as attentive or as thoughtful as you expected.

Intimate relationships may be affected by mood swings or a narrow view of a situation. You don’t think about the opinion of others, but probably about your partner.

It’s a great time to reflect. Take a step back as this will help you move forward with more confidence later.

If you are planning something for the future, you should use this retrograde to go through the details of the plan.

Although Mercury is not at its highest power and it gives opposite results, we should not consider it as a negative time. Keeping an eye on your emotions will be crucial during this time. Do not devote yourself to daydreaming. Pay attention to details and improve your future.





At the start of the retrograde, you would do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

People will ask questions that will make you feel like you are out of place. So try to be calm and grounded during this time.

Maybe you currently feel like things can fall apart. But if you stay calm and pay attention to the little things, everything will be fine. In fact, you will have gained something from this retrograde!

Have faith and fun!

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