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The Full Moon in Scorpio on 18 May will Transform your Spiritual Energy

The full moon of May 18, 2019, will be in Scorpio. A full moon in Scorpio is powerful and revealing. It is about purifying yourself and changing your whole life. The Scorpio is focused on rebirth, death and a global spiritual transformation.

During this full moon, we will have to take off our masks and reveal who we really are. We do not need to carry our past with us.

This is the moment when we say it’s enough and we have to let go. Allow yourself to free yourself. Retreat and seek the peace you desire.

Full moons have always been a moment to free us from our inner troubles. The full moon in Scorpio will help us identify what is keeping us from being good and help us finally free ourselves.


So, ask yourself:

Do you use all your potential in your life?

Are you becoming what you have always wanted to be in your life?

These are important questions and the more you will ask yourself, the more life will become clear to you.

It lays the groundwork in you and points you in the right direction. Remember that the energy of Scorpio does not ask you what to do, but how you can do it.


Remember, that our soul has a plan but it does not come with human needs.

Our soul does not decide which job you will occupy or with whom you go out. It is here to learn, experiment and grow. Just as you grow.

After all, the choices all depend on YOU. There are no good or bad ways in life, it’s just a choice you make and the consequences you face. It all comes down to one thing: the choice.

Whenever you wake up, you are faced with this immense responsibility of choosing. Make the decision as to how you want to spend the day. You can try something new or stay in your comfort zone – it all depends on you.

Your choice will decide the type of adventure in which you will be heading. The energy of the full moon asks you to go to the depths of your soul and to ask yourself these questions, to listen to these voices of the soul. Let the lunar magic overwhelm you and guide you.


You will have more satisfaction than you realize.

There is a wisdom within you that trusts you, which you can trust as well. All you have to do is log in. You have all the answers inside. Our soul knows our truth, knows our plan – it just does not reveal it, it’s up to you to look for it and understand it.

One of the things we constantly do wrong is to set high expectations. We forget that life is not meant to be a sequence of big events taking place consecutively. It is made up of little things, everyday events that slowly change us from within.


There is no radical change as they show it in the movies.

If you focus on the everyday life, you will finally be grateful to life as you know it, recognizing every passing day. It will look like a miracle that happens every day. Isn’t it incredible?

The full moon of May is powerful and tender but also hard and uncompromising. And that will allow us to better live our life on the chosen path.


The lunar message for us:

“We are human beings and our humanity is our way of growing and winning. We are always moving and dancing to the music of the cosmos. We grow all the time and life brings new lessons to learn and opportunities to teach others. We must understand that our soul is an entity that wants to learn and experience life as we do and only in this way can we meet with our true selves.”

It is a message of spiritual transformation. Keep it and make good use of it.

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