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The Last Week of December Is Going to Be a Wild Trip for Each Sign of the Zodiac

As we move forward, the end of December approaches. You may feel that the energies are ending right now, but the truth is that they are just beginning.

As this last week of December extends, you will notice how agitated life really is. You feel that you are on a path and that you are heading in the right direction only to find that you have some new things to work on before everything is where it should be.

During this time we all need to keep in mind that when one door closes another opens. The fact that it is difficult for you to find the one that opened does not mean that it has not been opened.



As we finish this decade there are many heavenly events to come.

There will be an eclipse duo of the new and solar moon on the 26th and Mercury will move to Capricorn on the 28th. From now on and until well into the new year, the energies will be “interesting” at best. The positive change will be presented to each of us, and we will all feel as if we have somehow won a positive hand in luck as a whole.

With the Solstice portal still seemingly open and going to close at this time, we all have more momentum to do things, but some interesting challenges are also being launched along the way. While some of the things we have before us are completely crazy, we have to face them if we want to get where we are going. The fact that your head hurts, does not mean that you cannot find a way to overcome it.

Jupiter’s solar eclipse brings happiness, optimism, generosity, and good luck, with opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth. It gives an enthusiastic impulse to do everything you can, to spread your wings and experience life to the fullest. The keyword “expansion” applies to all areas of life, from relationships to wealth.

This is an excellent solar eclipse to start new studies or long-distance trips. But also the relationships, investments, business and legal matters that are initiated under this influence have a great chance of success. An eclipse of the sun with Jupiter also promotes spiritual growth and self-understanding.




The solar eclipse of the Uranus trigone brings excitement, pleasant surprises, and stimulating encounters.

Greater self-awareness comes through greater intuition and flashes of insight. These perceptions along with the increase in self-confidence and a sense of adventure allow you to express the most extravagant or perverted side of your personality.

The increase in personal freedom, creativity and curiosity make this a great eclipse to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Casual encounters can lead to new stimulating relationships. This is also a good time to make changes in your life because they should flow smoothly and cause less discomfort than you might think.




Jupiter’s trine, Uranus, brings fortunate breaks and exciting encounters.

You should feel less restricted, more optimistic and adventurous, and willing to take risks without being rebellious. If you are a shy or conservative person, this aspect helps you to let go and follow your instincts.

If your life has stagnated, exciting opportunities will offer you a new way forward and will satisfy your need for positive change. You can learn things quickly through experiences, such as a new language or style of art, music or dance. Spiritual practices such as meditation and astrology can lead to spiritual growth and greater awareness.

This duo of solar eclipses of the new moon will maintain power over us for several months and the more we work with these energies, the better. Of course, some of them will be difficult to follow, but if they stay driven and focused, they can solve things. Mercury in Capricorn on the 28th should be more than able to get your mind going.

We will all find that it seems that things are much easier to do while Mercury is present in this sign. You may end up being better able to take life as it arises and find that the issues before you are not as complex as you initially thought you were. Through diving inside you will come to understand the external world as well.




The Good Night:

On Christmas Eve we should all expect the Sun to be the triune Uranus. This will be something that will allow us to express the side of ourselves that we tend to hide. We will be better able to allow our own uniqueness to shine and we will be more progressive in the way we move through our own ideas.

The trill of the Sun in transit of Uranus is an exciting moment in which the increase in intuition and the flashes of insight lead to self-discovery and revelations. These intuitions are combined with an increase in self-confidence, to allow you to express the most unique or quirky side of your personality.

Your acute perceptual skills mean that you can better understand the studies of science or the occult as astrology. You will feel as if you are trying something new, out of your normal routine. This can vary from new adventures to new inventions. An excellent time to leave your comfort zone and expand your social circle with some extraordinary people.




Christmas Day:

While there are no serious celestial events that occur on the day of this magical celebration in 2019, that does not mean it will not be a day full of energy changes. Because of everything that has been happening and how emotional this day is for some, the change that is likely to occur cannot be denied.

Because this day is just before some of the other events mentioned above, it is likely that it is quite loaded and makes us want to focus on ourselves and others. Although there is not much to worry about, we will still be quite nervous and going through a lot as things unfold. Of course, 2020 is almost here, but we still have a lot to do before that.

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