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The Lessons Learned by Each Zodiac Sign in 2019 and How They Will Be Useful in 2020

Each year, we learn many lessons that help us grow and achieve our life goals.

The year 2019 was no different, and all the teachings we have received from life or others will help us to begin next year with much more maturity, determination, assurance, and joy.

Do you already know all the lessons you learned in 2019? In the list below, we detail the key lessons of each sign and how to use them best by 2020.




This year, you learned that paying attention to everything around you can bring you many benefits.

The New Year will be a great opportunity to put it into practice because you will be much more concerned and focused on everything around you.

Looking only at yourself is not the best way to grow and this wisdom will help you achieve many things and more happiness.





In 2019, you have relearned to love yourself.

This year, you learned to reconnect, to appreciate all the characteristics of your being, to have confidence in yourself and to love yourself, which will only help you throughout your life, because those who accept and respect are constantly evolving and bring good things for the future.





You have learned to connect with your emotions.

The last few months have been very important to you. You opened your heart and let the good people in, enjoyed those moments and swore never to ignore your emotions again. The good news is that in 2020, you will continue to work in this direction.

The bad news is that it will not be easy, but you can do it!





This year, the Cancers have learned to trust the power of the universe.

This year, you have been subjected to many situations that have put you to the test and made you recognize the power of the universe. You understand that you will not always control the situation and that in most cases the best you can do is take a deep breath and transmit it to the universe.

This teaching will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches and worries next year.





You have learned the true value of humility.

As it can happen to you, you usually act with a sense of superiority, but this year has taught you that humility can take you very far. Because of this, you always make sure you follow a positive path with healthy relationships and positive karma.

The  New Year will be a positive start for you, filled with blessings and rewards. Enjoy it!





You have learned to get out of your comfort zone this year.

During 2019, you showed that you wanted to take control of your life and give up any habit that would bring you nothing. In 2020, the results of this choice will be even greater and you will be closer to your goals.

It will not always be easy, but you will have more strength because the first step has already been taken.





In 2019, you learned that the trip is much more important than the destination.

You have faced a very special path in your life this year, full of good and bad times. You learned so much that you recognized that travel was far more precious than fate.

In this new year, lessons learned will help you appreciate everything that happens to you with the greatest of gratitude, making you even wiser.





This year, you learned to depend more on yourself and less on others.

The year 2019 has taught you a valuable lesson: The more you depend on yourself and less of others, the more you are able to achieve everything you want and next year will be a great opportunity to work for your personal life.

You care more about your consciousness than the opinions of others.





Sagittarius, 2019, taught you that a simple life can also be a happy life.

You have always been a person who likes to explore the world, who has never been completely satisfied with his life and who was looking for extraordinary experiences, but this year you have learned that in simplicity you can also find pleasure, wholeness, and happiness.

This will help keep your heart humble and your mind clear in 2020.





This year, you learned that patience is really essential.

You have a lot of projects and personal goals and it’s not always easy to wait until it’s the right time to put them into practice, but this year has shown you that patience is a great virtue and can lead you to even better destinations.

Patience will help you to be stronger during the difficult times of next year.





You have learned to assume your authentic self.

This year has helped you discover more about yourself and act authentically. This is a great success, especially in a world where people feel compelled to act differently to adapt to the models or to please those around them.

This wisdom will guide you next year in looking for opportunities that will allow you to reconcile your work with your true passions, which will bring you more happiness and joy.





In 2019, you learned to put yourself first.

There is nothing better than learning to stand out and become the true lord of your life, and this is certainly the best lesson you have learned this year. This will help you develop the confidence you need to navigate your path by focusing on what makes you really happy and away from any relationship that hurts you.

These are the main lessons learned from the signs in 2019. We hope you have assimilated yours and that it will help you live an incredible year in 2020!

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