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The Mantra You Need for this Winter, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Whatever your astrological sign, this season can be a time of stress and pleasure. You can lock yourself with your partner during the cold and ruthless months, meet your best suitors and test if you can see them in your life over the next year. At the same time, having no partner during this winter season when surrounded only by love and proposals can be difficult. The mantra for this season that you should repeat, based on your zodiac sign, can help you keep your priorities in mind when you arrive on the dating scene this winter.

Whatever your situation during this winter, your astrological chart (including your moon sign and your Venus sign) may push you or pull you in a certain direction. Based on your sign, here is the statement you should keep in mind as you dive into this rendezvous season of winter, facing the cold and finding someone to keep you warm this winter.



Aries: “I allow myself to make a connection”

Each Aries is a force to be reckoned with: in the classroom, the conference room and the bedroom. If you are Aries, you have probably used the horns of these rams all year to find who and what you want.

The relaxed and hugging atmosphere of the winter season makes it an ideal time to relax and reflect. It may be to take stock of what you liked and did not like in past and present relationships, or just take time out and socialize.




Taurus: “I want to get closer to my beloved”

Taurus likes to feel stable and safe. They also like to relax and be pampered.

While you are looking for a movie night, hugging your boyfriend or someone who drinks hot chocolate the next morning, remember to put yourself at ease with a partner who really suits you. Find a person you can spoil, but who can also meet all your needs.




Gemini: “I will be honest with what I want”

Persuasive on a good day and disappointed on a bad day, Geminis are always ready to cause problems. If you are a Gemini, you must be honest about what you want during this winter season.

Of course, you are not shy to express your desires, but what about your romantic side? Whether you have to break some hearts by leaving the choice of the season or admit that you can actually see an adventure unfold in a way, honesty will be your best ally.




Cancer: “I protect my heart”

Not only are you a very emotional person but you are also the maternal friend of your circle of friends.

So, if you are Cancer and you are looking for a partner during this season, remember to keep your interests in mind and protect your heart. You are worth it. So, make sure your potential partners see you that way.




Leo: “I melt them with kindness”

Leos might be willing to recite this mantra: “I let someone walk on me.” But if you are a Leo looking for a partner during this season, you may need to let go of some of your dramatic ways and tendencies.

If someone does not call you or answer you immediately via SMS, avoid getting into a classic temper tantrum. Instead, practice empathy and focus on the joy that a person can bring you.




Virgo: “Vulnerability has never killed anyone”

Virgos are the ones that have the hardest time opening up to people, largely because they are afraid of hurting themselves and then look “stupid” because they are vulnerable.

This season, try to change things and be real with your partner regarding your emotions. Know that, yes, there is a 50% chance that the other person does not answer as you wish. But there is also a 50% chance that they do.




Libra: “Is that what I really want? “

For better or for worse, Libra loves love. For the best, it’s their talent to maintain romantic relationships. For the worse, it looks like they cling to anyone who brings warmth or attention. Libra’s judgements can be quickly blurred if they receive a little affection.

Libra, do not miss finding someone to drink wine and watch your favorite old movies during this season. But also, make sure that the lover by your side is really what suits you best, whether over the next few months or for the long term.




Scorpio: “I give in to romance”

A Virgo sign “feels all the feelings”, but keeps them for herself because of the fear of appearing ridiculous. Scorpios keep their feelings because they are afraid of being hurt. In terms of intimacy, be it platonic, alone or romantic, Scorpios tend to hide behind humor.

If you have feelings for someone, give in to the call of romance. As the saying goes: “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” If you really want someone to come to your side during this winter season, it’s time to understand this quote.

Whether you’re here for a good time or looking for a long-term partner, keep your mantra in mind as you embark on your adventures.




Sagittarius: “I want to try to have a stable relationship”

As Sagittarius, you are constantly sailing here, over there and everywhere – from one DM to another Instagram, from one city to another and from one lover to another.

The winter season allows you to experience the idea of ​​being in a relationship. (Honestly, this can happen all year long, so do not feel obligated to find love only when it’s cold, but there is something about this period that makes pairing seem so appealing to many! ) By flirting with all the admirers you have, explore the idea of ​​settling yourself even if it is only until spring.




Capricorn: “I take time for self-discovery”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Capricorn who does not mind spreadsheets, a planning tool, or a Google calendar full of reservations. That being said, you should take some time to explore this winter.

Who knows? By dating a new person or meeting a new partner, you may learn more about yourself and love.




Aquarius: “I allow my light to shine”

For Aquarians, everything is a question of individuality, to the point that they are often afraid to be themselves with friends and lovers.

This winter, remember that you can be unique and different. There is definitely someone looking for a partner with whom he can discuss theories and politics in a warm, cozy bed.




Pisces: “I make my waking dreams a reality”

Known as the artistic and eclectic sign of the zodiac, Pisces always has his head in the clouds.

This time, give yourself permission to pursue your wildest dreams. Make an unambiguous list of what you want from a partner, go to your favorite store, your gym or go to your yoga workshop and start looking for a partner for this winter.


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