You are currently viewing New Moon in Gemini on May 22 – Rebuilding our Lives and Making Things Work

New Moon in Gemini on May 22 – Rebuilding our Lives and Making Things Work

As we progress in May, we are getting closer and closer to the New Moon in Gemini. This new moon will occur on the 22nd and will be quite an interesting event, for several reasons.

This new moon will provide us with energies that will allow us to rebuild our lives and make things work. Instead of standing still or thinking, we will get things done.

Considering the things that we have faced in life lately, this is a big problem. Although we are not quite through this difficult period, we are making our way and it is a great feat, no matter how you look at it.

This new moon, while very positive overall, is going to be a bit confusing, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. The more you allow these energies to work for you, the more you will grow as a person and progress on your spiritual path.

Life is short and we all have to work to make the most of the time ahead.



Energies of the New Moon in Gemini:

The trine of the new moon Saturn gives a serious, conscientious, and responsible attitude. With common sense and practicality, you can set realistic and achievable long-term goals. Advancement, success, and recognition are likely due to a work ethic, unwavering determination, and persistence.

Even under stressful conditions, you can overcome adversity with limited resources, without neglecting other areas of your life. You will be ready to sacrifice immediate gratification to achieve your long-term goals.

While progress may be slow and steady, the results of your efforts should be lasting and provide the foundation for future prosperity. These hard-won advances will also boost your self-esteem and bring satisfaction and contentment.

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A feeling of mutual respect and understanding makes it a good new moon for making new friends and business partnerships.

Intimate relationships will benefit from loyalty, devotion, and karmic ties. Relationships with superiors and government agencies will be serious, practical, and beneficial.

It is a good new moon for learning and teaching. Valuable advice can come from elders and leaders. You could pass on your knowledge to the younger generation and be respected for your wisdom or your abilities in your profession.




This new moon as a whole will unbalance us in some ways.

For many, this will bring confusion as noted above, but also a bit of misinformation if you don’t check things out.

While Saturn will be there for us through this, we will feel quite “tried”. We should work hard to stay grounded during this time, but we must also stay open to the things that lie ahead.

While we often have the opportunity to make a fresh start at times like these, we don’t need to give up everything as a whole. Don’t be afraid, things are getting better. These energies will do wonders for you if you allow them to.

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