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The Spiritual Meaning Behind the Mirror Hour – 18:18

The mirror hours are a way for our subconscious to receive messages. We come across “mirror hours” during periods of reflection and often “by chance”. If you have fallen “quite by chance” on this mirror hour and you wonder about its meaning keep reading …

The meaning of 18:18 is the sum of the vibrations of the 1 and the 8 which appear twice, amplify their influences and their energies.

The number 1 brings its energies of creation and new beginnings: progress, motivation, inspiration, exit from its comfort zone, success and fulfillment. Number 1 also reminds us that we create our own reality with our beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

Number 8 resonates with power, authority, self-confidence, judgment, and discernment, inner wisdom, truth, and integrity, reliability and autonomy, wealth and abundance, the universal law of spiritual correspondence.

The meaning of 18:18 is an uplifting message of encouragement and support from the universe, your positive affirmations, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your visualizations will manifest abundance in your life. Remember that wealth and abundance come in many forms.

18:18 pm describes the efforts, the progress and finally the success.

It gives you a message to stay upbeat and listen to your intuition and inner guide to cultivate positive expectations and abundance ideas.

Enjoy your rewards of prosperity and be grateful.

18:18 brings you the energies of good judgment, determination and tenacity, so do not be afraid to move forward in the desired direction.

The universe is asking you to open up to new possibilities because there are positive developments that will happen. Cultivate faith and confidence in your own abilities, skills and talents, and use them when you feel inspired and guided.

Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone to pursue your passions because opportunities will come your way!

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