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The White Light of Protection and Its Use to Bring Positivity into Your Life

When it comes to protecting our personal energy as well as our physical body, we can have a little trouble depending on who or what we allow in our lives. This world is full of toxicity and if we do not work to deal with things properly, we will be completely overwhelmed by what most of the time will not feel like time.

If you want to take your meditation to a higher level, working with white light could be very beneficial. Using white light for protection is one way to fundamentally strengthen your own aura while shutting it down to some extent from the outside world.

Basically, to use white light protection for your own well-being, all you have to do is meditate as you normally would, but use your mind’s eye to imagine white light coming from your body and moving towards you.

This white light will surround you and stop where you feel the need. Most of the time, people tend to end the light field just outside their own aura, big enough to protect them, but not huge in the sense that everything around them is being destroyed. It is a limit that we should all set every day because it will control our personal auras.

When used properly, white light shields at this level can protect you from other people’s intrusive energies, make you feel better in general, improve your own vibration, and help repair the nicks your aura already has or seeks to overcome. This type of protection is one of the most powerful you can find and the more you use it, the more your light will become powerful.




The White Light of Protection Technique

The White Light of Protection and Its Use to Bring Positivity into Your Life

Imagine that when you breathe in, you breathe the whirlwind of white light that surrounds you, and as you exhale, this whirlwind of light falls and begins to deposit as dust on the floor of your abdomen.

Each time you breathe in, imagine the swirling light coming in, and each time you breathe out, imagine the swirling light falling gently on your seat, between your hips, like snowflakes on the floor.

After a few inhales and exhales, imagine the clouds of the sky splitting above you and a flood of light revealing itself, traveling in the sky to meet the ground. However, you notice that this flow of light is directed at you and that, a few moments before it reaches the ground, this light meets the crown of your head. This light is the source of your protective shield.

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Your light has been called from the spiritual realm to protect you. Notice how far it traveled from the clouds to reach your crown. What is the distance? How thick is this stream of light – covering a kilometer from the horizon or reaching the clouds like a flashlight? If it was a different color from the color of your desired shield, watch the color of this light flux change now, to match the color that you want to protect you.

Now draw your attention to your crown, where spiritual light touches and begins to meet your body. Notice the light that floats over you like a cape and envelops your aura, as if you could pour paint on an egg.

Imagine this color which completely covers you from the top of your crown, along the curves on the sides of your energy limit, and which envelops the energy limit under your feet. Feel this shield and notice the differences. If the energy of this shield also wants to penetrate your aura, let it enter your healing light, as it also needs its properties.



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