You are currently viewing The Wonderful Energies of the 11-11 Portal, on November 11th, 2019

The Wonderful Energies of the 11-11 Portal, on November 11th, 2019

What is an Energy Portal? They are doors or entrances of much energy. They are lowered of light that is activated in certain spaces of the calendar, bringing to Earth new energy packages for our evolution. These waves of energies help us to rise within the Dimensions to live fuller in connection with our Divine Entity.



Do you often see the number 11:11?

11:11 is a numerical sequence of activation and opening. We can see 11, 111, 1111, on a plaque, on a clock, on a phone number, etc.

Every time you see this Number, your Spiritual Guides, your Higher Self, are indicating that you have a window of opportunity for manifestation in your life. What were you thinking at that moment? Or you can also align your thoughts at that moment to something you truly crave and that is in sync with your Soul.

Because at that time The Universe takes a picture of your thoughts, at record speed to Co-Create it and manifest it on your Physical Plane.

At the Collective Level, everyone on the beloved Earth should know that it is a time to wake up and walk through the new energy that we are receiving from light and reach new higher paths for our highest good.




11-11 Portal takes us to the ascent:

The Wonderful Energies of the 11-11 Portal, on November 11th, 2019

This 11 November 2019 is a portal that will take us to the ascent, individually and collectively. That will be the prelude to the new year 2020. For months we have been invited through change and transformation.

The ascension that invites us this 11-11 is to rise within the new, leaving behind the old and the past. It opens us to live in freedom and fullness without structures or control.

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The number 11

The number 11 within traditional numerology is considered a master number. Giving us the opportunity to evolve with mastery, if you have not awakened yet or if you have already awakened to raise the master of light within.

If we look at it individually, 11-11, there are four 1, it is an occasion that helps us to redeem the ego, the change of form, leaving what we can no longer sustain within the protagonism and individualized selfishness, to get closer to the brotherhood, making us ONE.

We invite you to leave the individuality that represents the number 1, surpassing any limitations that are presented.



Synchrony of our divine plane:

The Wonderful Energies of the 11-11 Portal, on November 11th, 2019

We can also see in 11-11 the representation of the synchrony of our divine plane with our physical plane. In its geometry we observe the pillars in 1, and that by bringing 4, they take us to the portal of change and transformation.

This 11-11 will be an open window of opportunity to leave the matrix and connect with your divinity or higher being. The direct connection with your spirit reminds you that you are always in connection with it. Be aware of this integration and take it to another level.

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Live consciously, live in the present:

11-11 also leads us to live consciously, to live in the present. Pay attention to what we are going through by doing day-to-day experimentation because everything is brought by what we are unconsciously decreeing every second of the day.



November 11, 2019 Portal Summary:

The Wonderful Energies of the 11-11 Portal, on November 11th, 2019

This November 11, 2019, is the loving opportunity to connect with yourself, access the layers of the dimensions and elevate your connection with your superior being.

Take advantage of this 11-11 to take yourself to another level, in all dimensions, leaving aside the uniqueness and duality of 3D, dissolving the illusions of separation, and coinciding in the evolutionary impulse that your soul truly desires.

Have an 11-11 portal full of evolution.

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