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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected by the New Moon in Scorpio November 2020

The Astro weather has been turbulent lately, but the November 2020 New Moon presents an opportunity to face our dark sides more productively. It will peak late at night on November 14th (or early in the morning on November 15th, if you’re in Eastern Time), and it gives us the opportunity to plant seeds for new goals.

This lunation, in particular, aligns with the Sun in the deep and emotional sign of Scorpio, which brings the energy of rebirth and new spiritual beginnings to all of us, though it is especially powerful for the few signs in the zodiac.

The energy of the 2020 Scorpio season (and its resident New Moon) can be intense, as this fixed water sign rules important matters such as death, sex, rebirth, and transformation. The Moon forms positive connections with Jupiter and Pluto, but there are also some uncomfortable planetary aspects that occur alongside this lunation that could make us feel like a bundle of nerves.

Venus squares Pluto during the New Moon, and this can raise obsessions and obsessive behaviors, relationship problems, and deep fears. The most positive use of this energy works through all the fears and anxieties.

While the New Moon in Scorpio offers us a chance for a fresh start, we will need to do so by facing realms hidden deep within ourselves. If you are one of the zodiac signs, the November 2020 New Moon will affect the most, prepare for an intense but transformative lunar experience.



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As a practical fixed earth sign, your inclination in relationships is to stay grounded and realistic about things. But with this deep New Moon that emphasizes communication within partnerships, you have the opportunity to forge intimate bonds that extend deeper into the soul if you are willing to overcome the fear of vulnerability and put your true feelings on the table.

Your heart longs for a deep and balanced connection with others, and if you avoid the urge to build a wall around your emotions, you can achieve a new level of reciprocity in your closest individual relationships.

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This powerful New Moon aligns with the Sun in your sign this month, Scorpio, and it gives you the opportunity to transform into a more authentic version of yourself. It can be intimidating to show your true nature to the world, but work on peeling the outer layers of yourself under this New Moon so that you become familiar with the beauty that lies beneath.

Your power lies in your uniqueness so make a commitment to bring authentic “you” time into your daily routine. You will find that these changes can start you on a new, productive journey that’s just like you.





There is a tremendous flow of energy hitting your professional life during this New Moon, Aquarius. If you are able to embrace the power that lies within your own emotions, you can forge an important new path in the field of your career.

While this lunation may bring episodes of self-doubt and make you feel uncertain about your next steps, the antidote actually lies within you. Making a mark and being successful in your professional life doesn’t mean completely compartmentalizing it from your emotions.

On the contrary, embracing your feelings can help you navigate this public-facing part of your life from a more authentic place. Work on using your vulnerabilities as a source of energy and showing a more private side of yourself to the world.

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