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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Experience the Best April 2020

April showers bring May flowers, and we really hope they will take away all the chaos. Managed by Mars, the Aries season always gives the collective energy we so badly need. However, April 2020 will be the best month for these zodiac signs – Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius and it has nothing to do with the Sun in Aries the warrior.

April starts on a supercharged note, given the full moon on April 7, and Venus enters the curious Gemini on April 3. Venus will begin its retrograde journey through Gemini on May 13, so pay attention to the dynamics of your relationship and your spending habits in advance.

April 4, however, will be an important day, as Jupiter joins forces with the mighty Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn. This conjunction will take place twice more this year, in June and November.

For more context, check where the Capricorn is on your birth chart. On April 19, the Sun will enter the sensual Taurus followed by a new moon in the same sign on April 22 and Pluto retrograde on April 25.

Here’s why Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius may be lucky in April:



Taurus: It’s your birthday

Cheers to another beautiful trip around the Sun, Taurus. Your irresistible governing planet, Venus, wraps in your sign and enters Gemini – your second home of income, values, and self-esteem – this month, before parking retrograde in May.

Make sure to pay close attention to your finances and guilty pleasures during this time, as this will be an important topic for you next month.

On a more positive note, Mars, via your career sector, will join Venus in your currency area also this month, which could certainly add some sweetness to the chaos. P.S. Do not resist the changes taking place. You evolve and you grow.




Gemini: You are feeling yourself and flirting more

Cat got your tongue, Gemini? Despite the playful fun you are about to have this month, it is important to be aware of your communication style and your messages, especially with your relationships.

The good news is that Venus will always bless you with beauty, charm, and grace while passing through your sign, so do not hesitate to indulge in your sensual delights.

Just make sure you are gentle and honest with others. No funny business. Venus will also connect to Mars via your ninth vast house of education, publishing, and entrepreneurship, giving you the opportunity to use your words of wisdom to help the masses. Speak from the heart, Gemini.




Aquarius: You are very energized and making moves

You are all on fire, Aquarius. With the go-getter Mars passing through your sign, in the middle of your opposition to your governing planet, Uranus, via your fourth domestic house, you will receive a beautiful burst of energy, not to mention an angry temper tantrum.

Fortunately, Mars will also connect to Venus via your fifth expressive home of fun, romance, and creativity, which will likely distract you from everything that’s going on on the home front. You might even feel more creative than usual during this time, so don’t let this lucky explosion of energy flow go to waste.

The full moon in Libra will shake your ninth vast house of faith, which tells me that you will probably have the opportunity to free yourself and start over. Do not be afraid to take this leap of faith, Aquarius.

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