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These 3 Zodiac Signs will Have a Challenging New Moon in Cancer July 2020

Just like life, nothing is inherently bad or good in astrology. In reality. everything varies in shades of gray. Even the most difficult astrological experiments are tinged with bright colors and hope. Even the happiest zodiac signs have darkness in them.

Just because the June 2020 new moon will be the worst for those zodiac signs doesn’t mean you’re cursed with bad luck or anything like that. All that means is that this new moon forces you to face the skeletons in your closet.

While the experience may raise some uncomfortable topics or memories, you will be so empowered by the experience in the end. If you were born with your sun or ascendant in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, I am talking about you.

In astrology, a new moon signifies a new beginning. In fact, if you strive to start something on a new moon, you will supercharge it with power. This particular new moon is in Cancer and it is the first new moon to occur after the season of eclipses and Mercury retrograde.

In other words, this new moon is like a breath of fresh air after a very chaotic time in your life. This is a chance for you to break free from your past and move on because you are about to write a great new story.

The start of this new story begins with a bang because this new moon is intense. Opposing karmic Saturn, destructive Pluto, expansive Jupiter, this new moon will bring out dark and heavy emotions.

However, while your shadow may be difficult to confront, it is the side of you that holds your deepest power:




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AriesThe way you have lived life is coming under focus. Look inside your heart, Aries. It is time to recognize your deepest, most personal, and most sincere needs. You might have ignored some aspects of your life to get things done, but you realize that you can’t live that way.

You have the responsibility to nurture the world in which you want to live with compassion and care. Spend this time giving yourself exactly what you need to feel safe enough to let your guard down.

Clean up the mess, be it emotional or physical. You deserve a blank slate you can work on.

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LeoYou finally face the pain you have suppressed. Wounds don’t heal when you pretend they don’t exist, Leo. They remain, waiting for you to admit that they exist so that you can finally begin the healing process.

There may be many memories or emotions that you have suppressed for a long time, and it becomes more and more difficult to avoid them.

Use this new moon to forgive yourself and others. And remember, forgiveness does not mean letting anyone get away with it. It means you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You deserve it.





SagittariusYou let go of what no longer serves you. Say goodbye to attachments that bring you down, Sagittarius. Whether it’s relationships, plans, mindsets, or just everyday habits, give yourself a moment to identify what isn’t working for you anymore.

It may be time to quit smoking to conserve all the energy you are wasting. In fact, this new moon invites you to make an even deeper commitment than the ones you break, the commitment to yourself.

Put your heart on the you that you want to become because you can and you probably will.

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