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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Magical New Year’s Eve 2021

Even though New Year’s Eve is not part of the zodiac calendar, the intense energy surrounding the countdown to midnight still alters you in some way. You could spend the evening partying with your friends and making a mess with some confetti as you celebrate the passage of time.

You might even take a moment to yourself, remembering everything you’ve overcome and learned so you can make the most of a whole new year. Either way, New Year’s Eve is always a good time to apply glitter to your wounds, and if you are one of the lucky zodiac signs that will have the best New Year’s Eve 2021 then you might as well light a sparkler and enjoy the magic.

Whatever your zodiac sign, this New Year’s Eve is bound to be a night you won’t soon forget. After all, the Moon will be in adventurous and thrill-seeking Sagittarius, deepening your desire for some shenanigans.

Additionally, the Moon will also join forces with the adrenaline-inducing Mars, which might make you want to stay awake all night. And if you decide to party until dawn, you could have a nice revelation about who you are and where you’re going.

At 4:50 a.m. ET, the Sun will trine innovative and independent Uranus, helping you define your goals and embrace what makes you so irreplaceable. That being said, the astrology of New Year’s Eve has a dark undercurrent. Venus, the planet of love, is also retrograde.

As 2021 becomes 2022, Venus will feel the embrace of Pluto, which could force you to face the harsh truth about how your relationships work (or don’t). And as rigid Saturn faces rebellious Uranus, you may feel utterly tired of living up to the expectations placed on you.

Get ready, because there’s a good chance 2022 will be very different from 2021. And if you’re any of the following zodiac signs, you’re riding a rocket ship into the future:



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Leo PurpleYou witness a creative spark igniting a fire within you. If anyone is going to wear the brightest sequins and do pirouettes through a cloud of confetti on New Year’s Eve, it’s you.

As the Moon and Mars have a party in your creative fifth house, you’re definitely in the mood to experience it as you pass the time before midnight.

Admire your beauty and don’t let anything dim your shine, as you inspire even your most timid friends to get up and start dancing. Every New Year’s Eve event needs a burst of electricity, and this year you are the disco ball that lights up the entire room.





Sagittarius purpleYou feel confident and daring about your future. On the last night of 2021, the Moon will be in Sagittarius, helping you wear your heart on your sleeve and fall under the spell of the present moment.

You may be feeling as enchanted as you are powerful, and as Mars increases and strengthens your energy, you may feel more confident than ever before.

Harness this renewed courage and let it set the tone for the year to come. With all this power at your disposal, what can’t you accomplish?





Capricorn PurpleYou embrace disorder by making it messier. Your birthday season may have been an emotional roller coaster ride. With Venus retrograding through Capricorn, you have dived into a deep evaluation of yourself and remembered who you are and what you deserve.

On New Year’s Eve, Venus will join forces with transformative Pluto, prompting you to let go of the fear and doubt that keeps you from cultivating the self-love that protects and inspires you.

Once the clock strikes 12, the person you’re ready to kiss is yourself. Make it clear to yourself that you will always be the greatest love of your life. And 2022 will be the year you announce this love to the world.



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