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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have an Amazing March 2021

One thing I love about March is that it’s a liminal month; that is, March is the time when the end of winter turns into the beginning of spring. As the last patches of snow melt into the earth, fresh flowers bloom from the ground, and a new life begins.

As you can probably imagine, the seasonal shift of March is very important to the zodiac. After all, this is when the Sun crosses Pisces, the last sign on the zodiac wheel, and brings you a sense of closure and forgiveness as you say goodbye to the past.

Then a sense of rebirth and renewal comes over you as the Sun enters Aries, ushering in the start of the new astrological year. Everyone will feel this beautiful change in the air, but the zodiac signs who are having the best in March 2021 will love it the most.

The Pisces season is marked by magic, creativity, and kindness, but this particular Pisces season is even more enchanting than usual. This is because the Sun will partner with dreamy, spiritual Neptune on March 10, increasing empathy and tapping into your desire for touching connections.

This compassionate energy will wrap around your relationships by March 13, when loving Venus later forms a conjunction with Neptune. This will encourage the boundaries that separate you from others to dissolve, creating space for powerful and deep connections.

Aries season is also even more motivating than usual. After all, on March 21 courageous Mars will form a trine with solid Saturn, encouraging you to achieve your goals while giving you the stamina to commit to them for the long haul. For those born under Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces, March will be all the more amazing. Here’s why:



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AriesYou are gearing up for an incredibly exciting Aries season. You have too much to look forward to this March, Aries. However, the first half of the month might be a slower, more introspective time.

During the Pisces season, the Sun will move into your spiritual 12th house, encouraging lonely experiences that will prompt you to explore your inner world.

But when the Aries season begins on March 20, it’s time. Cosmic energy will be exactly to your liking, inspiring you to improve yourself and compete to be the best. Luxurious Venus also enters Aries on March 21, bringing so much self-love into your universe and rekindling your relationships.

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ScorpioYour artistic side comes to life this month. Get ready for a March filled with pure, unadulterated fun, Scorpio. After all, the Pisces season activates the most exciting and enjoyable part of your birth chart: your playful fifth house of self-expression.

It will encourage you to reconnect with your inner child and remember all the hobbies and interests that make you feel alive.

Let go of your worries, put aside your need to be a serious adult, and just enjoy the moment. When you were a kid, drawing flowers on the sidewalk with chalk on a sunny day was enough to cheer you up. Bring more of this energy into your life in March.





PiscesYou are a source of sunshine for everyone, everywhere. The month of March is yours, Pisces. Why? Because it starts with the Sun in Pisces, of course. Your solar return is marked by kindness, compassion, imagination, and reverie.

You are an escapist zodiac sign in your heart and you are always on the lookout for some out-of-the-ordinary adventures and experiences.

However, this Pisces season will do you one better. Not only will you feel more in touch with magic and enchantment, but your loved ones will feel even more drawn to your mystical vibrations. Take advantage of all that extra attention.

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