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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best May 2019

The month of May 2019 will be good for these 3 signs of the zodiac. Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo – these three signs of Earth, as well as water, will spend a good month and have more luck in May. If you are a native of another sign, do not be discouraged, because a good surprise could also be reserved to you in due time.

The month will begin with a New Moon in Taurus (May 5, 2019); the best time to start something new or to start a new beginning.

Taurus is a sign of the earth. But we must understand that the very essence of Taurus is to be surrounded by the magic of our physical and emotional abilities, and by our convictions. So, why not just ask what makes us happy? In the midst of all this sensual energy, our values ​​must also be defended.

Simply put, instead of simply listing our position in our love life, our family life and our financial life, see how you can embrace them all. In addition, Venus and Mercury will combine with the Sun in Taurus, which should give a certain color for the whole month.

Why is that? Because Venus is the sovereign planet of Taurus. And it is not wrong to say that when the “God” of pleasure is happy, so are we. Finally, Mars will creep into Cancer, drawing attention to the family, while the full Moon in Scorpio will bring revelations and secrets.


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This month will be a lucky trip because partially, the sun channels your energy for a new start. You will be in the mood for some indulgences, for the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus will be in your sign.

The presence of Uranus will relieve you of anything that will hinder your progress. And even if you think the situation you are in is not optimal, do not fight it. You just have to accept the change.



You are a completely different individual, brimming with incredible confidence a few months ago. And what is changing now? The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all activate the 9 the House of Expansion. This includes wisdom, traveling, learning, and your own philosophy.

In addition, the moment may be well chosen to take risks. Go ahead and see what happens. If you have missed confidence, it’s time to buckle up. The universe will protect you.




The previous months have probably been incredibly difficult for you, and many have noticed. But now in May, you will finally be able to relive fully, while savoring the fruits of your work. Do not forget to celebrate your success because you deserve it!

If you feel like you have not been pampered or even appreciated in recent months, do not worry, things will change in May. With the presence of the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus, your 5th house, that of expression, will be in a state of exalted joy, beautiful romance, and creation.

So be sure to take a break and thank the stars.

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