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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Challenging New Moon Solar Eclipse

June has been a highly transformative month, and you can even feel like you’re being pushed in so many different directions. On the one hand, Mercury is currently retrograde, which brings up the past and encourages you to analyze what happened.

Additionally, last month, a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius irradiated so many changes in the astrological atmosphere. Chances are you have been purging and letting go of many things. However, new starts await you, especially for the zodiac signs that will experience a challenging New Moon solar eclipse this June.

These zodiac signs will probably feel the potentially life-altering effects of the solar eclipse the most for several reasons but it doesn’t have to be bad.

Even positive changes can seem incredibly uncomfortable at first, and sometimes a solar eclipse will take something away from you before setting the stage for something even better.

After all, this solar eclipse takes place in Gemini because it activates the North Node, which guides you to action and empowerment; your ultimate destiny. There isn’t much you can do during an eclipse other than receiving what it brings to you.

The situations and opportunities that arise during an eclipse can seem fatal as if it is all part of a bigger plan. Have confidence in the journey that the solar eclipse will take you, for it is the start of something new.




GeminiYou turn a new page and write a new chapter. Because this solar eclipse is taking place in Gemini, it focuses its powerful effects directly on you.

There may be events in your life that take you in a new direction, forcing you to let go of what was never intended for you.

Embrace this give and take process. The universe wants you to shed your skin; to get out of your inhibiting comfort zone. A new chapter in your life awaits you. The growth you embrace as you go along is truly endless.





VirgoYour career is taking a new direction. You may be faced with professional challenges during this time and find that the field you have chosen and the career goals you are focusing on are not in line with who you are becoming.

Changes in your career status could take place on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for the direction your work is heading right now.

You embrace a deeper authority over your life and your ambition. Fight for the success you want.





SagittariusYour relationships are preparing for change. Because this solar eclipse activates your seventh house of partnerships, you may be feeling the intensity of its effects.

You can find yourself saying goodbye to people as easily as saying hello to someone new.

Your relationships can change quickly, and you may feel like you are separated from those who do not have your best interests at heart. Your destiny leads you to people who are meant to be a part of your future.





PiscesYour personal life is undergoing a change. Your home life is under the microscope of this solar eclipse. You might be cleaning the closet while you spend time dusting, rearranging, and redesigning.

Your living space may not work for you, prompting you to create a more authentic space. Disagreements with your family and loved ones may arise, forcing you to finally discuss the elephant in the room.

All of this is aimed at solving what is keeping your heart from feeling truly protected.



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