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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Hard Time During the Full Blood Moon May 2021

When you look at the night sky and see the Moon shining a bright red hue, you know things are about to get wild. Even though the energy of a lunar eclipse is quite strange and disturbing in itself, there is an astrological reason for its significance.

An eclipse definitely takes the intensity of an ordinary Full Moon up a notch, and sometimes it even has the power to completely change the course of your life. This is especially true for the zodiac signs that will have a challenging time during the Blood Moon of May 2021.

So if you were born with your Sun, Moon, or ascendant sign in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces (especially between 0 and 10 degrees), you can feel the experience right down to your heart.

However, you should not let this knowledge bring you fear or anxiety, because here is the problem with eclipses: They always accelerate you towards your ultimate destiny. Everything that happens during a lunar eclipse, in this case, a total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon), happens in order to get you closer to the path you’re supposed to embark on.

Think of it as the moment when the universe comes into your life, removing anything that can keep you from growing. The reason for this? A Blood Moon activates the Lunar Nodes, which are currently guiding you to your destiny.

Right now, the North Node, which contains the energy you are striving for, is in Gemini, while the South Node, the energy you are moving away from, is in Sagittarius. This Blood Moon will rise on May 26 at 7:13 a.m. in adventurous, open-minded, free-spirited Sagittarius at 5 degrees, moving over the South Node and encouraging you to let go of whatever is holding you back. Here’s why mutable signs will feel it the most:




GEMINI AUGUSTYour relationships are changing in a major way. You may notice that some of your relationships end abruptly. However, you may also notice that some of your relationships are getting a lot more serious as well.

This lunar eclipse encourages you to take a careful look at the people with whom you engage in partnerships. Ask yourself if these partnerships are your highest growth and embrace the people who are there for you.





VIRGO AUGUSTYou accept the changes that are developing deep within you. This lunar eclipse has the power to evoke a shift that cradles you towards your emotional center.

After all, this Blood Moon is taking place in your fourth house of home and family, encouraging you to identify what you really need to feel safe and understood in your corner of the universe. Resolve issues with family members and spend time creating the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTYour life can accommodate sudden and intense changes. Expect the unexpected. This lunar eclipse lands on your name and radiates your energy. However, it also focuses the majority of its changes directly on you.

If there are aspects of your life that no longer align with who you are meant to be, this Blood Moon could take you in a whole new direction. By the time this is over, you might just feel like you’re about to experience something totally different.





PISCES AUGUSTYour career can evolve in unexpected directions. You may feel a lot of pressure during this time. This lunar eclipse is affecting your career in a major way, rearranging your goals and commitments so that you are in the right position to accept a career that works for you.

Embrace difficult situations, even when they seem contrary to your desires. You never know how many opportunities might be waiting for you at the finish line.

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