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This Is How to Send Distant Healing Energy to Anybody

Our thoughts are powerful. So powerful in fact that just thinking about someone can send a little energy flow in its own way.

We are all energetic beings and we all have energy flowing in and around us. When we begin to realize this energy and its potential, we can use it to send healings, good thoughts and wishes to those who are dear to us all over the world.

We all have the capacity to do this as long as we are open and confident in whom we want to send loving and healing energy.

Here’s how to send healing energy from a distance to another person, animal, or plant,



1. Prepare your space:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Try to make sure the space has been cleaned and free of clutter and other distractions.

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2. Calm your mind:

Calm your mind by taking a few deep breaths, then set your intention for healing. You can even make it clear to whom you are sending healing energy.



3. Accumulate your energy:

To send a positive ray of healing energy, start rubbing your hands in a circular motion until you feel the energy develop between them. You should be able to feel the energy pulsing from your hands when you separate them slowly.



4. Generate an energy ball:

Once you can feel the energy pulsing in your hands, imagine the energy taking the form of a ball. You can also give the energy ball its own color depending on the type of healing you want to send:

  • Blue: emotional healing
  • Orange: physical healing
  • White: spiritual healing/general healing
  • Green: heart healing
  • Purple: psychic protection

Continue to focus your attention on this energy ball, making it bigger, stronger and more powerful with each breath.

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5. Send the energy.


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