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This is What Numerology has to Say about Your Name

We often talk about choosing our first name with our parents, without knowing that our name was telepathically communicated to us before we were born.

Our family name represents our family, ethics and rituals followed each year. Our name echoes the meaning of our life and its purpose.

The date of birth and the name of birth form the birth code, the card of your whole life.

The name forms the number of growth, simply adding the letters of the alphabet of your first name according to the table of Pythagoras. Then you have to add them together until they form a one-digit number, but if the answer is 11, 22 or 33, it must remain the same.

Here is a checklist for the meanings of the growth number. Remember, this is a general description, how this number affects you has many variables, your destiny number, what are your interests, etc.



What is your growth number?

Use your first name to calculate your growth number. The numbers of every letter must range from 1 to 9 so the next letter after 9 has the number 1, and so on. The goal is to add all the numbers of your first name’s letters.

Use the table below. You may want to use the name you use most often, such as your nickname. Example: C (3) + L (3) + A (1) + R (9) + A (1) = 17
1 + 7 = 8. The growth number is 8.

Another example, if your First Name is Jean.
To calculate your Number Growth, start by adding the numbers transcribed from the table. Then, add up between them the number of this total up to obtaining a number to a single digit.
This will give you ;
1 5 1 5
1 +5 +1 +5 =12
1 +2 =3
In this example, the number asset is, therefore, the 3.




Growth number 1:

Those with growth number 1 crave perfection in all areas of their work. They have different thinking abilities and can be the precursors of remarkable works.

Negative sides: Sometimes they fail to balance their emotions and, therefore, behave authoritatively. In addition, they sometimes become too confident.




Growth number 2:

These people have a stable mind and like to keep things simple. They stay away from unnecessary quarrels, with a kind nature to help others.

Negative sides: They tend to walk on their feet because they are too good. On the other hand, they also lack self-confidence and are surrounded by insecurities.




Growth number 3:

These people are masters in the art of speech. They are good at convincing people. They like to open their minds and mix easily with people.

Negative sides: Although they speak well, they are sometimes too confident to recognize their mistakes.




Growth number 4:

Those who belong to this group know how to organize themselves and perform their duties with an infallible concentration. They know their priorities well.

Negative sides: As they follow the routines, they do almost nothing outside of work, so they are sometimes boring. They have trouble adjusting.




Growth number 5:

Both clever and fun, those with growth number 5 are credulous and intelligent. They can easily handle problems and adapt to change.

Negative sides: Often they are fickle. We can not count on them because of their lack of authority.




Growth number 6:

Those who have growth number 6 take care of others before taking care of themselves. They are animal lovers. They love the concept of a happy home.

Negative sides: Often, they forget to weigh the practical side of a situation and end up being too emotional.




Growth number 7:

With a lot of positive atmospheres, these people are always faithful to the truth, no matter the situation. They are also very dedicated.

Negative sides: Often complicated, they have difficulty in understanding. They can not balance their emotions.




Growth number 8:

These people are excellent wealth managers, excellent traders; they know how to achieve their goals.

Negative sides: They tend to be too imbued with their person, and not to see those around them.




Growth number 9:

They like to be there for others because they value their presence. They believe in the phrase “kindness does not cost anything”.

Negative sides: They live in dreams and do not want to face reality.




Growth number 11:

Inspire others and oneself. Recognize your brilliant ideas and put them in shape. Make a difference in the world through your innovation. (What blocks you is your ego, when you inhale to attract attention and not your altruistic vision, as well as self-judgment and fear of what others think about you, fear of being seen.)

They have similarities with the number 2 people, but they have to work on their faith and belief. Their negative sides are identical to the number 2.




Growth number 22:

Communicate with others and make a difference. Manifestation through relationships. Excellent understanding of people and construction. (The risk is to worry too much about what others think and get bogged down in details – the key is to delegate!)

Recognized as great creators, these people will come to serve others, they have great kindness. Their negative sides are the same as number 4.




Growth number 33:

Dynamic creativity and compassion for others. To serve others and the community and the world. (The challenge is to remember oneself and no longer be a guardian, as well as the fear of judgment).

These people are great guides who like to show people the right way. Less disturbed by their own suffering, these people hear others and give them appropriate advice. They do this only after having acquired enough knowledge. Their negative sides are the same as the number 6.

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  1. Emma

    This has been a very informative article! I’m glad I came across here. I’ve been in the numerology field for sometime and i haven’t got the chance to explore growth number! Thanks for your insights! It’s always nice to learn from a fellow numerology enthusiast and exchange ideas and insights 🙂

  2. I liked the Pythagorean Numerology to calculate the Growth Number, one can easily find out his/her Growth Number using this calculation.

  3. Destiny

    Really interesting analysis of the growth numbers. It’s something that gets overlooked, but clearly a lot of wisdom here if we take the time to calculate them. Excellent piece.

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